38. Lucas Fletcher - RenaMature

Lucas Fletcher

Sophia and I walked in silence throughout the rest of our short journey. I was done making it clear that I had no intent to be with her ever, knowing that she'd gotten the point that the only one I would hold such feelings for would be Scarlett. But Sophia isn't the type of person to give up on hope so easily. There was always this fierce determination inside her that she'd keep building up on with more urgency until she got what she desired. It didn't matter who she hurt on the way or what she did to get there, but she always made certain to have things happen her way.

And that's exactly what made me feel the more unsure about what I was doing. I could sense a hidden trap behind the game she was playing with me. I had to keep my guard up for everything I did and said around her because she's a twisted person. There's a hidden intention for the reason she's even helping me with this. She'd hated Scar the moment she saw me enter the pub with her that first night. And now that things were going her way, she'd make sure not to turn the tables back to my side again.

"How much longer till we get there?" I asked, keeping myself hidden in the shadows as I kept close behind her.

"Not far. It's closer then you think."

We turned around the corner and were met by the sight of a small looking cottage. A lantern set near the porch shed some light over the darkened streets, and as inviting as the place looked I couldn't help but wonder to myself.

"Who in their right mind would live here?" I muttered as we approached the house, opening the swinging fence which creaked lightly.

"Exactly. Who in their right mind would?" Sophia winked at me, before knocking on the front door. We could hear the sound of heavy footsteps thudding against the wood. The door jerked open in front of us and there stood a woman with burning red hair and dark green eyes, eyeing me up and down.

"What do you want here?" Her voice sounded like a whip against the quiet around us as she kept her eyes on me, looking like quite the suspicious lady.

"We need your help Rena," Sophia whispered and for once, the woman's gaze flickered away from mine as she observed Sophia's face which looked quite sincere and desparate. I'd forgetten how well of an act she could put on.

"Very well. Come in."

We entered the house and I looked around. It wasn't much of a luxury to live in. The dining room was in the kitchen area which was a door away from the living room where we stood. There were two other doors which I guessed led to bedrooms and the house had no upper level as the sight of a staircase was missing. I sighed to myself and sat down opposite Sophia on one of the worn out couches. It was practically torn to rags and I guess the lack of appreciation on my face only made me more of a disgusting person to this Rena, who glared at me whenever she had the chance to.

"What is it that you need?"

"Lucas here, needs to be made permanent. And we need you and Janice to help us with this."

"This is too much to ask for Sophia. We can't go around making everyone in Dreamland permanent. The Council's already suspicious of our activities," Rena said sharply, shaking her head to herself. "The only way we would assist you is if you had a valid reason."

"I'm pregnant with his daughter."

My mouth fell open at Sophia when she said this. What kind of a lie was that? She ignored me as my face turned from stone to complete shock.

"Why do I not believe you on this?" Rena asked, noticing my expression.

"I hadn't told him yet," she said with a casual shrug. "But in order to be a good father, he'd have to be here with me."

Rena pursed her lips, her eyes going back from my face to Sophia's who seemed completely calm. I had a feeling this woman could see through the lie but she nodded, releasing her breath.

"Alright then. It might take a while but until then, you two should stay here. We have one spare bedroom left."

I grimaced at the thought of sharing my bed with Sophia who I knew would be much too thrilled with the idea. But she kept that hidden, nodding to Rena who stood up and headed back towards the front door. She curled her hand around the doorknob before pausing and turning back.

"You should tell him the complete details of it, Sophia. He doesn't know, does he?"

"Know what?" I asked, feeling completely clueless.

Rena gave me a cold smile then said, "If you're made permanent here, there's no escape back to the real world. Even in death."

The End

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