36. Charlie Manning - ExplanationsMature

Charlie Manning

As we ascended the staircase that I knew would take longer than it looked, I couldn't help but have second thoughts about what I was going to tell her. Would it be right in doing so? Her reaction was what I feared, the possibilites of her blaming me for breaking the barrier and creating this world haunting me in my head. There was a reason only six people knew the truth behind Dreamland, and telling her would go against the very purpose of the barriers I'd put around myself.

"Idiot," I muttered to myself and Scarlett turned to me, eyebrow raised.

"Did you say something?"

I shook my head no and she smiled, continuing on our short journey up the staircase. I used the fact that it took quite some time to reach the top to my advantage, letting the speech that I would say form in my head slowly. I only just hoped Scarlett wouldn't quite jump on me with questions, demanding to know the truth. But so far, she remained quite calm and didn't even say anything which I assumed to be a good thing.

We reached the top, a narrow hall stretching out in front of us with doors on either side of them. I opened the first one to the left, knowing that all these would be empty for the time being. I only came here in the most urgent of times, using this area for Council meetings.

It was hard to find this building, considering that it had been built right in the centre of a maze of alleys that seemed to lead no where but did. I'd arranged for meetings to be held here since it was the most inconspicious of areas in Dreamland. The others among us wouldn't wander in strange alleyways, especially when they don't know their way out.

Sighing to myself, I closed the door behind us and let Scarlett take her time observing the room. It was her first time here or any place like this in Dreamland but it was nothing big. Just a normal conference room, with a large wooden table in the middle and seven chairs spread around it. I pulled one out, inviting Scarlett to sit down and so she did before looking up at me with curiosity shining in her eyes.

I took a deep breath before starting to speak, wondering where this explanation would lead us to.

The End

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