35. Scarlett Kidd - Long ConversationsMature

Scarlett Kidd

The shadow loomed around the corner I'd just turned, leaving the light behind  me at the end of that alley. I was transfixed in curiosity and slight terror. The face that appeared around the corner was not one I expected, never mind expected here.

I exhaled the breath I'd held for a few seconds.


"Look, I know I should have said something before, but you need to come here now. I need to take you somewhere. You're in danger." he spoke quickly and what he said didn't sink in.

"Okay." I breathed, amazed that I'd never seen him or even heard of him before while here.

He reached for my hand, grabbing it and taking me towards a winding alley I had no previous intentions of going down. My heels slowed me down - although they looked nice, they were horribly impractical. "Charlie. Charlie!" I spoke clearly. He turned to look at me, making it  obvious the delay wasn't wanted. "I can't run in these! We need to slow down."

"We most definitely can't do that." He murmured under his breath something I couldn't hear while looking down at the cobbles and shaking his head. Before I could react, he picked me up, slung me over his shoulder and set off at a faster pace than before. He was strong and even carrying me at a jog didn't seem like such a bother to him. "I'm sorry about this. We just need to get there quickly." He murmured some more and then freed one hand to pull something out of a pocket in his jacket. He seemed to shake it, study it for a moment and put it away again. He increased his pace to a mild sprint and then took a sharp turn.

Wildly he dashed down a short alley, took a few more turns and then abruptly stopped. Gently he set me down and pushed open a door with a lot of steps leading up into an abandoned building.

"After you." he said, gesturing me to go first. "I'll explain when we get to the top."

The End

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