34. Lucas Fletcher - SophiaMature

Lucas Fletcher

"I can find you for her," she repeated, her brown eyes shining confidently as if she knwe that I wouldn't decline this chance. "I'm a Tracker as well. I can help you get her back."

"What's in it for you?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at her. Candy smiled, walking towards me with a playful smile on her lips. She traced her finger up the sleeve of my arm, but I stood frozen, waiting for her side of the deal.

"Well two things actually," she whispered, "One, start calling me Sophia again. And two, stay with me forever."

"No way," I snapped, taking a step back and glaring at her. She laughed, her eyes twinkling. "I meant in Dreamland."

"You're saying you want me to be made permanent here?"

She nodded slowly, her smile growing wider. "Won't you do that to be with Scarlett?"

I paused before spitting out the next snide remark I had prepared against Candy. She could see that she'd got me here, I was on the bait.

"How would it be possible?"

"I have contacts," she replied with a wink. "How'd you think I've been here all night?"

Without another word, Candy took hold of my hand and I didn't object as she pulled me through unfamiliar alleys and pathways, taking me to places I hadn't seen before. Through it all, I could feel her try to come closer to me but I maintained a distance from her; knowing what she wanted all along. But she wouldn't get it.

"Besides Luke," she said, watching me flinch slightly at the sound of the nickname she'd given me, "we have a lot of catching up to do. With you're girlfriend out of the way for now, I'll have you for myself won't I?"

She chuckled at the expression that crossed my face, knowing fully well why I hated every second with her. "I'm not a trinket to be tossed around and played with Sophia," I hissed, ripping my hand out of her hold.

She looked up at me, anger flashing across her eyes as she stopped mid-step and retorted back, "Neither was I but you just didn't notice then, did you?"

I looked away from her face, not wanting to back down that memory lane again.

"You're the reason I'm here Lucas and somehow, someway, you will be mine."

"Let's see that happen," I said, leaning closer to her with a mocking grin on my face, knowing very well that we wouldn't be together in this world, just like we weren't meant to have been in the other.

The End

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