32. Lucas Fletcher - SecretsMature

Lucas Fletcher

"So, can you get to the point?" I asked, my voice impatient as Candy sat down next to me, taking off her apron and tossing it at another free seat. She glared at me, a warning flashing in her eyes and I sighed, rolling my eyes at her. "Fine, I'll play nice. Please tell me what's going on."

"That's the spirit," she joked, nudging me with her arm before having second thoughts, probably because of the look on my face. She turned back serious and asked, "Have you ever met Boss?"

I spurted out the beer over the table, completly taken aback by the question. Candy thumped me on my back lightly as the coughing fits didn't come to an end. After about five minutes it did, and she sighed before calling out, "Somebody clean this!" Immediately, another waitress showed up and wiped at the liquid on the table, staring at me as if I was absurd before going on.

"Can you not react that way?"

"Well don't shock me like that next time," I snapped back at Candy, dabbing at the edges of my mouth with a tissue she'd handed me. "How crazy is that? Someone actually runs this place?"

She nodded, lookinga a little sad as she said, "He's the reason we're here."

"You've met this guy?"

"No actually, he doesn't come out here as often..." She shrugged at the thought and continued, "Anyways. I heard he could erase us from here if he wanted to and so that's what I thought happened with you and your girlfriend. But obviously not."

She grinned at me, patting my arm and I flinched out of her touch.

"Thanks for the useless information. I was really just wasting my time here," I spat at her and got up, moving towards the exit of the pub. But when I heard the click-clack of her heels, I groaned in exasperation. Why couldn't I shake her off?

"Apparently, we could be made permanent. That's what I am."

"Really, that doesn't interest me. Now get lost Candy, I'll see you another time." I pulled the door, stepping out and entering the cool atmosphere. But she hadn't given up yet.

"There are Trackers too."

I froze, turning around to meet her again. Her brown eyes twinkled mischeviously, as if she'd known this would get me.

"I can find you for her."

The End

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