29. Scarlett Kidd - PlansMature

Scarlett Kidd

I woke up curled in a ball on the sofa. It was evident I'd fallen asleep during some point of the discussion following my explaining where Lucas had crawled from.

I was surprised either Nina or her brother Charlie believed me. I mean, just think about it. Your best friend/sister's best friend needs your/your sister's help to get away from a man who she knew because every night, instead of dreaming, she went to a place called Dreamland with lots of other people who also did the same thing, but they all keep it a secret because they don't want to be branded as mentally unstable and like to lead perfectly normal lives. It sounds like the fiction of a mad person, right? Amazingly, it was Charlie that believed me before Nina. Charlie said it all made sense and once her brother had agreed, Nina followed suit.

Then it was time to talk about what to do next. It was obvious I couldn't go back to my old flat, it would be risky to work regular shifts alone at the coffee shop in case Lucas planned something. This meant Charlie offered to take me to and from each shift. In fact, he insisted. As for college, Nina could help me deal with getting around with a friend there.

We made it so I would never be alone. Charlie was using money from his parents' fortune, whereas Nina wanted more independence and freedom to build her own future, rather than riding on what her parent's had done for themselves.

I knew when I awoke that I had a shift from 10am until 2pm. Looking at the clock, I decided to get ready. It was 9:14am and I wanted to shower before putting on my work clothes. Before too long I was ready and so was Charlie. I hadn't eaten, but I figured I could grab a muffin or something before my shift started. 

As I got into Charlie's car and waved Nina goodbye, I started to wonder about how this would work.

The End

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