28. Lucas Fletcher - Getting ReadyMature

Lucas Fletcher

I woke up the next day, head throbbing and body aching. I'd never experienced a hangover before and now that I have, I'll know that the next time I decided to drink a little alcohol I should be more careful.

Groaning I rolled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom, getting ready to freshen up. Memories of last night came back to my mind and I could feel myself entering one of my 'moods' again.

I had practically searched the whole city with the car, stopping by places which I though Scarlett might have gone to in hopes of finding her. But it was like she'd disappeared into thin air. She was nowhere to be found.

And so, to express my frustration, I ended up going down to the bar in the hotel and drinking more whiskey than was necessary. I don't even remember coming up to this room.

Rubbing my temples that still pained, I got changed into a fresh set of clothes, getting ready to go out again. I was thinking of going around town, maybe to Scarlett's school and places where she worked to gather details about her. I might just find out where she'd run off to incase she tipped someone else other than her beloved Nina, who definitely wouldn't open her mouth to me.

After settling for a quick breakfast of toast and an omelette, I hurried out the hotel and towards the car. Getting in, I turned the engine on and speeded out the compound. Now where to first?

The End

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