27. Scarlett Kidd - In HidingMature

Scarlett Kidd

When we arrived at my apartment, Nina got bags and started to shove everything in them. She used a suitcase for all my clothes, not bothering to pack them neatly, while I grabbed a backpack and started piling in stuff I needed for college.

We hurried in silence, well aware Lucas could be hot on our heels. Neither of us wanted to have to face him again - I think Nina had seen and heard enough to believe me now when I said I wanted to get rid of him. I can't believe I let myself fall for him over again. That's the only thought that's been running through my head over and over since Nina came and rescued me.

Soon, although it seemed like too long, everything was packed up and in the boot of Nina's car. I told the landlord I was vacating the room and explained quickly why. He understood and waved off the half month's debt I owed him. Hugging and thanking him before fleeing, I felt like this might actually work.

I certainly hoped so.

Nina had kindly offered me a sanctuary at her place. Lucas didn't know where she lived, her room-mate had just moved out and even though her brother was always round, it was otherwise quiet around where she lived.

It didn't take long for us to get to Nina's. Her brother Charlie was there, so we roped him in for carrying the bags in. That way, we only had to do one trip. I didn't have the energy or patience to unpack straight away, so I just changed into my nightdress and joined Nina and Charlie in the living room.

Taking a deep breath after making them swear they wouldn't tell anyone or laugh, I recounted our entire, sad tale from the very beginning.

The End

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