26. Lucas Fletcher - DisappearenceMature

Lucas Fletcher

After all that I'd done to come here and see Scarlett, this is how she rewarded me. By trying to get away. It was so obvious what she'd done when she'd gone inside the rest room; she'd called Nina to make an easy getaway from me. The thought sent me into a rage, and thinking back to the truth she'd told me wasn't comforting either.

Glaring out the car window, I drove back to her apartment building. About two hours had passed since she'd left and I'd been dialling her number for so long without a response. Maybe she's just upset about what I'd done to her? There's no reason for her to be; I loved her and she said she still loves me back. So why did she run away?

Parking outside her building, I entered it and made my way towards her apartment. She'd mentioned before where she lived, a long time back in Dreamland but me seeing her now was going to come as a surprise; especially since I shouldn't have remembered such a 'minor' detail.

I knocked on her door, staring at the B8 engraved onto it in impatience. But there was silence from the other side. With anger as a tool to aggravate me more, I slammed my shoulder against the door and I'd done it hard enough to open it slightly.

Entering the apartment, I stared around at the emptiness of it in muted fury. It was completely isolated; chairs sitting here and there in complete disarray, TV still running. It was as if she'd gotten out of the place in a hurry. Walking into her room, I looked through her wardrobe. Seeing it empty, I barged out the place and back down to the car.

Scarlett had moved out of her home...just to avoid me. But she wouldn't be able to for so long. I'd find her.

The End

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