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Scarlett Kidd

Neither of us spoke a word while on the way back to the car, both of us weary of who might overhear us.

I could tell she had dropped everything and rushed as quickly as she could to rescue me - her hair was shoved up in a bun with strands floating around as she moved; she had no make-up on (which was unusual for her) and she was in joggers and a plain t-shirt. It was Nina in her lazy mode. The other tell tale factor was her parking. It was obvious she hadn't bothered parallel parking and instead had practically skidded up to the hotel in order to get me.

I practically collapsed into the seat of her car and let out the breath I felt I'd been holding since the date turned ugly. As we drove off, the conversation started.

"Right. We'll go back to yours and you can pack a bag then come and stay with me for a few days. You need to be somewhere he can't find you for a bit. What was going on to make me need to come and get you? Not that I'm complaining about it, you know I'm always here for you and the same in reverse." she said as we drove.

"Can I explain when we get back to yours?" I pleaded. I suddenly felt completely drained and needing a lot of sleep. "I just need to be under the radar for a few days and disappear. I need to get rid of him..."

"Indeed you do. Now come on, we need to hurry up and get you somewhere safe and in something comfortable."

I was glad to have a friend like Nina.

The End

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