17. Scarlett Kidd - In HidingMature

Scarlett Kidd

I took the cardboard cup from the table, picked up my bags and left the table. Waiting until I got well out of sight, I took out my phone and texted Nina. It read, "Meet me at mine in thirty minutes. Come alone. Much love for what you did back there. Scar x" This was going to take some explaining.

I made my way to where I'd parked my car and got in. Dumping the bags full of stuff Lucas had insisted on buying for me on the passenger seat, I put the key in the slot, twisted it and began to drive back to my flat.

*   *   *   *   *

I heard the knock on my door. Checking the clock, I saw it was time for Nina to be arriving. I checked through the peep hole and saw her.

I opened the door for her. "Hey Nina. Come on in."

She stepped in after returning the greeting. "So, what's going down?" She asked, closing the door.

"I'll tell you in a minute. Do you want a cup of tea? A cup of coffee?" I asked.

"Coffee please. You know how I am about my coffee. It's supposedly a stimulant, but it relaxes me. Anyway," She shouted through the door from the living room to the kitchen where I was making tea and coffee. "What's so bad about Lucas. he seemed a bit, well, esh, but he was cute."

I finished making the tea and coffee and brought them to where Nina had settled on the couch.

"Look. You probably won't believe me, heck, I wouldn't! But I need to tell you where Lucas comes from and what he's capable of. I know he looks cute and sweet and buys lots of things and seems adorable, but he's not. He's anything but. You see, when I go to sleep..." I went on to explain everything about Dreamland and how it worked. I then told her how Lucas really was, how he acted and what he did. When I finished an hour and a half-ish later, Nina was surprisingly calm about it all.

"Look Scar. I want you to know that I'm not sure about all this, but you told me so I'll believe you. I'll help you out, you know I will."

After that we refilled numerous cups of tea and coffee, talking well into the night about how we would fix this disaster. 

The End

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