16. Lucas Fletcher - Easy EscapeMature

Lucas Fletcher

The fact that Scarlett worked a part-time job alongside two boys as her colleagues kind of pushed me over the edge. I eyed them as they handed me a tray on top of which were the orders Scarlett and Nina had made. They were both attractive and looked about my age. They could have an easy go at her if they wanted to. Maybe I should warn them? I shook my head to myself. They hadn't done anything yet but if they did; I would know.

Walking back to the table, I smiled at the two girls waiting for me who quickly disengaged themselves from their conversation.

"So girls, what were you talking about?" I asked, curious as I set down the tray and slid into the seat beside Scarlett. She smiled at me, taking hold of her coffee and sipping from it.

Nina was the one to answer. "About Scarlett's appointment."

My eyebrows raised in interest, eyes flickering to meet Scarlett's. "She never told me about an appointment." My voice played on a tone of teasing yet ferocity. Scarlett was able to catch this as her green eyes widened as she looked back at me, shaking her head.


"Scarlett has to go to school. She has some parent teacher thing tonight," Nina spoke.

"Ah. But it's a weekend," I said, puzzled.

"Exactly. The perfect time to hold an event at school." Nina smiled at me widely as she continued, "So I really think you should let her go."

"What makes you think I wouldn't?"

She shrugged in response. "You just seem like the type to hog your girlfriend to yourself."

I wasn't liking her at all. She was giving the wrong impression of me towards Scarlett who kept quiet through it all, watching the scene. What was her problem? Ignoring the last comment, I turned to Scar and smiled.

"You can go. I'll call you tommorow."

The expression that crossed her face was one of delight and inside me, I felt the anger swell up. Why did she look like she wanted to stay away from me?


I nodded, then stood up to let her move past me. She took her bags with her as she exited the cafe, not even meeting my eye one more time. It was an abrupt goodbye, one we'd had too many times but the first in the real world. I turned my attention back to Nina who was still seated, smiling up at me. I do not like this friend of hers.

The End

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