15. Scarlett Kidd - Coffee ShopMature

Scarlett Kidd

Nina was my saviour. Although we hadn't planned anything for today, she had some spare time and wondered if I wanted to meet at a coffee shop that we always went to. The people who worked there went to college with us and we worked there with them, so they usually gave us stuff for free. We did the same when they came in when we were working. It was a perk of the job.

As I put the phone down, asked to be able to go to meet Nina there. He allowed it, but only while with him. Taking his hand in mine, I led him through the busy town centre to the coffee shop: Starbucks.

Nina was already there when we arrived, sitting on our usual table. She raised an eyebrow when she saw Lucas but I quickly shot her a look that told her not to ask and that I'd tell her later when I got the chance. Although how I was going to explain Lucas I have no idea.

Before I could even say hello, Lucas offered to go and get the drinks, on him of course. I replied with, "Nina has a skinny latte with cream and I have a caramel infused frappuccino. Tell them it's for Scar and Nina, they'll give you a discount." I smiled fakely and waited for him to go. Instead, he asked why we got a discount and eyed the two guys on the till. It was Josh and Dean this shift. "We work here. They give us a staff discount."

This time he left to order the drinks and I worriedly waited until he was out of earshot to talk to Nina. "You have to help me get rid of him - for tonight, then for good. Please say we had plans to stay at my flat tonight?"

"Why?" asked Nina. "He's dishy."

"Yeah. Then you get to know him. Just, please?" I pleaded as Lucas headed back towards out table with the drinks.

He set the tray down on the table. "So girls, what were you talking about?" I keep a straight face and trust Nina. I know she'll cover convincingly. She's done it before many a time.

The End

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