14. Lucas Fletcher - AcceptanceMature

Lucas Fletcher

The rest of the evening seemed to fly by as Scarlett and I shopped around. I was eager to buy her the things she wanted. Being from a rich family myself, I made sure everything we purchased was at my own cost and not by hers. But she kept quiet, and refused most of the gifts I wanted to give her and only bought some things when I forced it upon gher. It angered me a little for her to be like that. Scarlett has no idea of how long I'd waited for this day and now that we were here, this is all she would give me as a reaction?

Just when I was about to ask her why she was acting the way she was, her phone rang. She jumped a little beside me, dropping one of her bags. I bent down to pick it up as she took her phone out her pocket, looking hesitant. But her eyes brightened when she saw the screen. Without a word, she flipped her phone open and started talking into it.

"Nina! Hey, how are you?"

Scarlett's eyes flickered to my face when I relaxed, straightening my posture. For a moment, the thought of her having a boyfriend and two-timing me crossed my mind. But when it turned out to be a girlfriend of hers, I didn't have any problem with that.

"Yeah...I'll meet you there," she said, gaze unwavering from my face. She then closed her phone and looked at me, biting her lower lip which had become a habit of hers. "Can I...go?" She asked softly. I cocked my head and smiled at her.

"Why are you asking me? Of course. I'll come along with you of course."

She nodded eventually to that, looking disappointed but smiled back before taking hold of my hand and leading me to the place where we'd meet her friend.


The End

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