13. Scarlett Kidd - No EscapeMature

Scarlett Kidd

Reality and dreams are not supposed to mix. They are two completely different entities. Why was life determined to destroy what little happiness I had? Everything was going so well today, right up until Lucas had interrupted, but I wasn't about to tell him that.

I walked around town, all intentions of self loving gone. All I wanted was to go home. Alone. Why did he have to do this?

Lucas took me in shop after shop. It seemed he was determined to get me something. It's a shame I didn't want anything anymore. Eventually, he insisted on buying clothes for me from one of the shops he had dragged me into. Slowly, he was creating exactly what he wanted from me. I was a piece of clay in his hands - eventually he'd get there, but it would take a while first. I just hoped the while wasn't over yet, otherwise I was in trouble.

We walked out of the shop with bags full of clothes, jewellery and other things Lucas had insisted on buying. He walked clutching my loose hand in his powerful grip. The smile I so often had to force was back and I just hoped there was some way I could get even a minutes relief.

That relief came in the form of Nina.

The End

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