11. Scarlett Kidd - CorneredMature

Scarlett Kidd

Choosing not to walk away from the Jamaican guys and to dance instead was amazing! It was such an immense feeling. I haven't had fun like this in ages. If I couldn't have fun in my dreams because of Lucas, or in real life because of education, where could I have fun?

While most people would be shy or not join in properly, I went all out. I simply didn't care anymore - I just wanted to have fun!

People were crowded around, clapping, laughing and filming. I wanted to drag them all into the middle and show them how much fun it was. If I could have this much fun all the time, doing everything, life would be perfect. Laughing, I picked up a tambourine and started to add to the beat. I slowly made it faster and faster.There was no stopping it!

It worked up and up, faster and faster, better and better. I was in total control and nobody could stop me. Nobody was going to stop me.

The Jamaican guys looked impressed and one stopped beating the box he had underneath him. Instead, he picked up something that looked like a better version of a recorder - it sounded better too!

I was surprised I wasn't out of breath yet. I'd been dancing more enthusiastically than anyone else and laughing the whole time.

It's funny what does take your breath away.

I never expected it to be Lucas there.

The End

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