10. Lucas Fletcher - Spotting HerMature

Lucas Fletcher

She left so quickly, leaving me clutching thin air and I sighed. Without her, this world meant nothing to me. I forced myself to wake up when I felt the sunlight start to peirce my eyelids.


Rubbing my eyes, I got off the bed and headed directly towards the shower. I felt eager to go out, eager for this day to start. Because today would mean so much to me. The hot water awakened my senses and the excitement inside me increased with time. Within ten minutes, I was dressed in casual jeans and a button-up green shirt, headed down in the elevator; ready to leave the hotel.

Where would I go though? I had a map of the city to know my way around but I was still a stranger to its landmarks. Looking through the brochure, I finally decided to head to the town centre. By what I read, it sounded like its one of the most popular places around and there are also lots of shops nearby. I should probably get something for her. A surprise present. Smiling at the thought, I flagged down a cab and got in.

It was only a few minutes and we arrived there. The driver pulled up near a jewelry shop that I'd asked him to stop by. I paid him and then looked around. It was quite crowded like I'd expected but what caught my eye was the one that surrounded the fountain in the centre of the area. I walked over, curious to see what was happening.

I didn't expect her at all.

The End

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