8. Lucas Fletcher - Not HereMature

Lucas Fletcher

I waited for her resistance to die away, and it did just like I'd predicted. She stopped struggling against my hold around her and gave into my kisses. But her lips remained like stone under mine, unmoving. I took this to my advantage and leaned forward. She lay against the bank of the lake and I pinned her to the ground, wrapping my hands around her wrist tightly so she would have no way to escape.

My kisses scorched her way down her neck and I could hear the beat of her heart against her chest, pounding furiously. I breathed in her scent and nestled my head against her shoulder.

"Lucas," she whispered in her velvet voice. I smiled and looked up at her. The fear was written on her face so clearly and it was obvious that she didn't want this. But I did. How could she not understand that?

"We...we shouldn't." I waited for the rest, and she bit down on her lower lip trying to form the right words. "I mean...not in this world. It's just not right."

I let go of her and rolled to her side. She looked surprised but forced a smile onto her face.

"You're right Scar. We won't here."

A stricken expression crossed her face when I said that. She hadn't expected me to agree with her and the grin that found its way to my face only confirmed her worst doubts.

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see," I said, and took her hand in mine, softly caressing it. Her eyes remained on my face throughout the rest of the night, trying to figure out what I'd said and the meaning behind it. She didn't ask but she was dying to know. I smiled to myself. Tommorow, she'd be in for a surprise.

The End

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