7. Scarlett Kidd - DistanceMature

Scarlett Kidd

I took my shoes off as I sat by the lake. It gave me an excuse so that I wouldn't have to touch him for as long. Anything to shorten the time.

I made a big deal of taking my shoes off, undoing the straps as slowly as possible. Then I dipped my feet into the lake. It was cold, but pleasantly so. The water was the only warm feeling I felt as he neared my face. I turned to face him and felt his lip graze mine. I would have moved away, but his powerful grip on my waist prevented that. Instead, I simply tremble at his brief touch.

His arms wrap around me and  lift me onto his lap. With any normal couple, this would be cute or an advance in a relationship, but not here, not now. Here and now, it was just creepy.

I tried to pull away, to stay away from his demanding persona, but to no avail. He kissed me roughly and more forcefully than before. I couldn't get away - there was nowhere to go to. My only options were to struggle and anger him or to get on with it and pretend I like it to please him. He was holding onto me tighter as I struggled more. I realised it would be better for me if I didn't struggle. He was strong and his grip was beginning to hurt me.

As soon as I stopped struggling, he leant forward more, forcing me to lie on the bank of the lake. I didn't like where this was going. He leant over me completely now, pinning me to the ground.

All I could do was try not to struggle and hope I was safe.

The End

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