5. Scarlett Kidd - LateMature

Scarlett Kidd

I was aware I was late getting to sleep. Lucas wouldn't be happy; I didn't like it when Lucas wasn't happy. He got vicious and possessive. He would understood when I explained though, wouldn't he? He'd accept I was tutoring a friend for the last essay to be handed in, right?

Eventually I drifted into sleep and into Dreamland.

*   *   *   *   *

The clear night sky was illuminated by the bright stars - like piercings in velvet letting through small shards of light. I was heading towards the pub where I usually had to meet Lucas. To try and sweeten him up a bit due to me being half an hour late, I wore the short, strapless, silk, deep emerald green dress he seemed so fond of. Over the top to protect me from the harsh bite of the wind, I wore my long thin cardigan. My stuff was carried in a small, brown, leather bag with a long strap and I had some small heels on.

If what I was wearing and my story didn't convince him, I'd be in trouble.

I opened the door to the pub and made my way to our seats at the bar. He turned before I reached him and he looked angry. Before either of us said anything, he looked me up and down and seemed to cheer up.

"I'm sorry I'm late." I started. "I was tutoring a friend for the final essay that needs to be handed in next week and we ran over time a little."

His piercing grey eyes stared right into mine, seemingly searching for the answer to whether I was lying or not. He decided I was telling the truth and pushed a glass of coke towards me. I nodded in gratitude and he took more meaning than was meant, putting his arm around my waist. I tried to move away, but his grip was fierce and pinching when I resisted - I had no choice.

I simply had to await the horrors of this night and hope they got no worse than usual. Then again, he was being more forceful tonight. Was this a bad sign?

The End

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