3. Scarlett Kidd - TutoringMature

Scarlett Kidd

"...and that's how you analyse a defensive case in a court of law." I finished. Standing at one of the open use interactive whiteboards in the library, I stared at Nina with the pen dangling loosely from one hand and put one hand on my hip. "Are you even listening?"

Nina snaps out of her daydream and looks at me in a slight daze. "Of course I was hun." I gave her a 'Did you really now?' look and she bowed her head. "Sorry love." she said with a grin. "It's just too much to take in at once for me. You know how I work and all. Besides. I've met someone."

I sigh. Practically, I know the tutoring session is over, despite the fact that we should still be going for another ten minutes yet. Once Nina has lost focus, it's impossible to bring it back. Technically, I should make her focus and run through it all again, but I know it's futile. I can see her studying my face and seeing what my reaction is. Finally, I cave. I figure I could do with some fun in my life. "Go on then. Who is it and why is it so important to you?"

"Well, it's not just me. He has a friend. He's perfect for you, I think."

"What, like all the others were?" I answer.

"No, no." she assures me. "He's much cuter and I guarantee you'll love him."

"Fine." I say, rolling my eyes.

"This Friday at half seven."

"Okay, whatever. Look. I've got to go now, I'll meet you tomorrow at the last lecture, yeah?" Nina nods in return and I get up to go home. It's late and despite not wanting to sleep, I know I must.

*   *   *   *   *

I get home and dump the keys to my Volkswagen Beetle on the counter.

I hurry and shower before I change into my nightdress. I'm more relaxed after the shower, but I'm still tense at the thought that I'll have to fall asleep at some point. Sleep brings Lucas. I sigh to myself and get comfy in bed.

It might not be so bad if it was just the seven minute or so average that regular people dream. But this isn't seven minutes. It's my every sleeping minute.

These aren't dreams with Lucas. These are nightmares.

The End

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