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Lucas Fletcher

I felt her lips leave mine, a distance grow between us and her beautiful image began to fade. The next second, I woke up on my bed. Blinking, I sat myself up and stared at the plain wall in front of me. It had been a dream, like always. How I wished to make it a part of my reality.

I got off the bed and made my way towards the shower. The heat of the water relaxed my tense muscles and I felt much better at once. Whatever anger or frustration I'd felt at that moment left me when she'd said she loved me, but returned the moment I came back to this hell. I wanted her so badly, completely to myself. And now would be the perfect time to start searching for her in the real world.

Yesterday had been the last day of exams and I so I was done with second year of university. Today, I'd be vacating my room and leaving for London. That's where she said she lives the day I met her. And so I'd booked a ticket and would be leaving in about two and a half hours. She was going to be in for a surprise.


"I'd like a single," I muttered to the woman behind the counter. A few minutes passed by and she handed me my room key, giving me a smile. I grabbed it from her roughly, and headed towards the elevator, sighing to myself. The flight had been a long one and I was completely worn out. But the thought of seeing Scarlett tommorow excited me at once.

Opening the room door, I entered it and collapsed at once on the bed after dropping my bag down at the side. Tonight, I'd see her once more. Just like always, I'd track her down. She usually waited for me in the bar. That's where we'd first met. But I could never be sure.

Getting up, I locked the door and moved under the covers of the bed; impatient to see her after this long day. I closed my eyes and willed myself into sleep once more; hoping she'd be there for me.

The End

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