Living In DreamlandMature

Usually, one dreams to get away from reality. But she fights to be awake. For her, when dreamland mingles with reality, she'd do anything to get out the nightmare of a world she lives in.


The moon bloomed above us, like a spotlight as we floated among the pond; her on one end, me on the other. Smiling, I reached for her hand and pulled her to me. Ripples broke out beneath us by the sudden movement of her body making its way to mine. She gasped, her emerald eys widening when I wrapped my arms around her waist, cradling her against my chest.

"Stay with me," I whispered softly into her ear. She shuddered against me and I knew she could tell that it was an order, one I'd force her to abide by.

My gray eyes searched hers imploringly for the answer she would not let out. Her mouth was pressed into a firm line as she refused to speak to me.

"Tell me you love me," I hissed, my voice impatient. My arms around her tightened and she winced in pain, the words flowing out her immediately.

"I love you."

Sighing into her hair, I smiled and brought my face back to press my lips hard against her trembling ones.

Then we sunk together into the cold dark water and I would never let her return to the surface.

The End

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