Little thoughts and dreams.

Dreams, both day and night.

                She was sitting on one of the red chairs against the wall. Music was blaring; she could feel the bass in the floor, vibrating up through the plastic and into her bones. Lights of green and purple and yellow twirled around the ceiling and exploded against the wall like fireworks. Her classmates were scattered about the cafeteria-turned-dance-floor. No one would stop and ask her if she was ok, no one would grab her by the hand and pull her to the floor, no one would ask her to dance. She’d just sit there until it was time to leave, convinced that this school dance would be just like all the others.

                She sat in her teal and purple dress, shawl wrapped around her shoulders, heels on the chair next to her. Her legs were pulled up to the side of her, resting on the chair, her hair swept to the side in a pretty wave. Her eyes glistened in the light, more beautiful than the stars. But no one would notice. At least she was convinced they wouldn’t.

                She saw that boy, the one that made her heart beat a little faster and that made her smile and go all warm inside. He was walking, looking as cute as ever, with his hair lying perfectly around his face. He was all she needed and he was walking to some girl, asking her to dance. She sighed, wondering if she’d ever be that lucky. He looked at her, a few feet from his girl. He wouldn’t see a beautiful girl sitting there, but a nerd, as she’d always been, nothing more than a friend to him. Embarrassed and ashamed she looked down. The tears were there, but she didn’t want them to fall. She wouldn’t let them, not again, not another shower on her night. After all, that’s what this was supposed to be, her night. Her night to shine and be loved by all the guys, the night she was supposed to be so pretty everyone was jealous. She was disappointed. Again.

                Sitting there, wallowing in self-pity, she felt a shadow fall over her. Well, more like a prescence above her, as it was dark in the cafeteria. She blinked back the tears that were still threatening to spill and looked up with a face that said, “I’m fine.” She’d mastered this face. At least she assumed she had since everyone always believed it.

                He was standing there. With that cute little grin he had. He didn’t say anything, just smiled at her.

                She dropped the fake smile as it turned into a real one. But she, too, didn’t say a word.

                It could’ve been seconds, minutes, even an hour that they stood like that. Time doesn’t really matter when you’re in love. But finally, he reached down and grabbed her hand, as the rap faded and a slower song came on. He gently pulled her into the middle of the floor and wrapped his arms around her waist. She, in turn, placed her arms around his neck, locking her hands behind him. She slowly placed her head on his shoulders, not wanting him to disappear.

                They danced together, and the song seemed to go on forever.

                But this, this is the end of the story, because here, here is where I woke up. Here is where I learned I was in love.

The End

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