The Basics

Finn Harolds

"Why you?" Lace says somewhat sounding surprised," Well, you're not like the rest of the kids from your world, I guess that izn't obvious.a  As for the other candidates no offence you had the least potential. Not saying that you dunt have any, you're just neutral in abilities. Just like me! I don't specialize in any particular magic. All aspects are enjoyable and intriguing, and since my mind isn't oriented towards any topic. I dun't focus on any specific magic.", he paused," Alright alright that's not completely true. Like our predecessors I do have an affinity for creation of spells and objects, but creating something with magic needs knowledge of all them." Finn was not at all getting what Lace, the Man in the Orange was trying to tell him. Well that wasn't true he just wasn't getting most of it.

"Lace, I don't quite get what you mean. All I got is I didn't show as much potential as the others."

"Well that's what the council says anyways, bunch of blockheads if you ask me." He said with a look of irritation," Dun't worreh yurself with what I said, you will get in time. Come with me I want to teach you one of the basics of magic." He said snapping his fingers and sending our empty plates to the kitchen and motioned for Finn to follow him.  Finn didn't question Lace although he was still unsure whether he could trust a man who pretty much abducted him. Although he took him from somewhere no future was for him, here he had a feeling that he could make something of himself. Finn followed him through a set of long halls still in the colour of orange, optical illusion, and corridors leading all over the place.  What lurked in the corridors was unknown to Finn but he had ideas of amazing secrets they held, and perhaps some lore and stories of the previous name holders of the Man in Orange.

The two turned right, and unbelievably large that seemed to span 20 feet from each wall. It was unlike the rest of the house just a plain white coloured door, the only thing that made it different was it was really big.  Lace smiled at Finn's disappointment of it being so ordinary. 

"You already seem to like the oddness of this house and miss it when you see something plain." He commented," Luckily though the door may look plain but its not. Trust me. Ruins within the dry canyon please." He said at the door. The door glowed an orange colour, and suddenly dissovled into glowing bits of orange revealing a on old stone decaying castle surrounded by steep granite walls of rock.  Finn found his feet moving outside the house to get a better view of this remarkable place. 

"Wow! Is this also part of the house?" He asked full of wonder.

"Ha ha. No this place belongs to nerone. Well atleast not for the last fiveundred years.  This castle used to be the beacon and pride of the wizarding council. In those days a band of rouge wizards decided that it would be a great joke to transport the castle here however when they did they to disappeared along with the existing council  members of that time. So many believe this castle was erased by evil forces of magic when really it was a prank gone wrong. Many don't know this little fairy tale. and most still beleive this castle is forever lost. Some wizards have found it but keep its location secret." Lace smiled," Now enough about myths lets get onto what I was going to teach you.  Magic is something that you can feel, and this castle here is so full of magic even a person who cannot wield magic should still feel it, with the tiniest bit of concentration. " He explained.

"I don't feel anything." Finn said plainly.

" You will, not to worry. Close your eyes, and push everything aside for a moment."He coached. Finn did as he was told, and closed his eyes, pushing away his wonders, his worry's, and the memories of the London. It was not easy but slowly but surely he felt as if he was being filled by something from outside of him. It was as if  he was standing under a waterfall, and he was absorbing all the water. He opened his eyes as he fell to his knees.

"Good job, do you feel it now?" He said. Finn nodded he felt weird he felt almost as if he was drowning in the magic. Lace expected this though.

"Alright , now this occasionally occurs, when you are dealing with a great amount of magic and you are over come by it.  That is when you need to learn how to use your own magic opposed to the magic around you.  To do that you need to imagine exerting your presence or consciousness outside of you if you will." He instructed. This was easier said then done, Finn was struggling with it, but as soon as he calmed himself the feeling of drowning left him, as a feeling of strength over came him.

"Good job." Lace said suddenly jumping as he looked at the time, " Oh crap we're late! Lets go!"

The End

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