The Enormous Time Machine

Deep down underground, unknown to all but a very select few, existed a world quite different from the ones dear Isa and Finn lived in - a world so orderly, that it would have made the central character of the magical tale of Narnia - Aslan - a whimpering mess of sorts in comparison, lest he saw how such a perfect world operated.

At the helm of this so-called perfect world, as in most other stories involving traditional plots similar to this yarn, ruled a patriarch - his name was Etarepo (pronounced "eh-tah-ray-poh) with a rather Iron Fist, who crushed any form of rebellion with a voiceless flick of his wrist that signaled two possible punishments that could not be reversed, irregardless of how innocent or guilty the accused party was of a crime Etarepo did not approve of, not that he approved of many things, which he really did not!

The first punishment that was to be exacted (if chosen by Etar, as we shall call him for now, as THE punishment) would have been for the accused (and in this case, accursed) to be whisked away to a dark dungeon without any hope of so much as a court trial where he or she would have to wait, with bated breath, to be sentenced to a lifetime banishment from the world of Sistm Attic into the oh-so-banal and rather ordinary world of Earth - a decision so grave and final that it was rare if the accused did not break down into a torrent of tears immediately upon hearing this tragic news!

Back to Isa and the warehouse where she sat inconspicuously outside, lived a rather aged hermit by the name of Nil the Magnificent who knew the winding and perilous pathway that led to the entrance of the methodical land of Sistm Attic and he sure was keen on letting others in on the secret, though he knew whom to tell and whom he could really trust, being in a hell-hole of tiring and troublesome humans - brutish, rough men who felt violence was the right approach and silence the best answer.

And that was the start of how a wee little hermit forged a powerful yet discreet relationship and friendship with the two street urchins who had nowhere and nobody to turn to!

The End

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