The House of Orange

Finn Harolds

Finn didn't remember passing out, but when he woke up it was evident that he did. He found himself in strange room, it was painted orange and it had stairs that went to the ceiling of the room. He looked up, or perhaps down, to see the man in orange looking up at him. Memories of the night before flooded his head. He jumped running out a bed believing he was going to fall towards the man in orange but instead he simply fell onto the what must have been ceiling. The man in the Orange started to laugh hysterically.

"Oh wow that was good!"  He said still laughing, Finn got up he was scared but this man seemed to thrive off that so he did his best to stay calm," Alright, alright, I'm sorry kid. Its pree rough isnit." He said slurring a couple words annoyingly," This is gonna be your room for a while, and if you don't want your bed on the ceiling your going to have to undo the spell on your own. As for the colour I think it's really good. Although anything that is dark orange looks fantastic. Dontcha think?" He rambled a bit. Finn was really confused by it all, this was his room. Who was this man, why was here, and how could he possibly be on the ceiling, or how could he be on the ground on the man in orange be on the ceiling?

"What do you want with me?" Finn managed to ask out of the billions of questions flooding his mind.

"Your my apprentice, the next one to take up the title Man in orange. Although I'm not to sure if your living up to my standards but I am very skilled so you will get there I'm sure. Anyways the thought may have already occurred to you that here Magic does exist, unlike your dull world. Well I'm not being completely honest witcha but ya won't need an explanation at this level you won't understand.  Anyways whyduncha get yaself down here for some breakfast. I'll answer your questions there by the way you like the colour orange doncha?" Finn wasn't helped much by this explanation but he was promised more time to ask the man in orange more questions, and us untrustworthy as he seemed Finn couldn't help but want to know this man for his eccentricities.

"Erm I prefer the colour Green, this colour of Orange is a bit strange." Finn answered honestly. " The man in orange's strange purple lips fell a little, in both disappointment and sadness," I could grow to like it though." Finn said trying to fix things a bit.

"I hope so, all of your predecessors loved Orange. Although perhaps change is helpful, well that’s what the others keep saying anyways." He said as Finn gingerly place his foot on the stairs leading up to the ground.  After a little bit of a work out Finn felt a strange flipping motion and was not upside right to the ground and above him was his bed, and a checkered orange and black floor.

"Gerjob Finn, my first time going down those was quite fumy actually. See my teacher messed the spell up a bit and I was stuck rolling on the floor all day...." He laughed a little then something occurred to him," Maybe he did that on purpose..... Anyways, do you want some bacon, and potatoes. Actually thats all I have so your going to havit anyways."  He said rambling to himself again leading him through more of the same coloured halls to a warped looked kitchen that seemed to have really big cabinets, and some really small ones, but he was quick to pick up it was all just an optical illusion. 

" Wow this place is really mind boggling." He commented breaking The man in orange’s ramble.

"Yes, yesitizz.  All of our predecessors took n specialized interest to make people generally confused but inspired by our creativity and skilled work with magic.  This house is a fine example ovitall. All though some days I get lost innit, because on certain days, different rooms appear, and its always a pleasant surprise to find a long ago hidden secret  in here when you have the time." He said inviting him to sit down on a chair across from one that looked like a throne which Finn presumed to be the man in orange's. He snapped his fingers and a plate of bacon and hash browns glided smoothly in front of him with a fork and a knife following it.

" Thanks errr,...sir. Um what i ..... is your name?" Finn asked.

"Well when people talk of me they call me the Man in orange, and when adressed the wizard of orange works, but closer friends call me by my true name, Lace, Lace Varion. Now kid dontbeh tellin folk my true name, although I know a kid spell to stopya but I will giveya the benefit of ther doubt." He continued to slur," When not in the company of my fellow wizards you just call me Orange. As for yourself its up to you whether you will make a mystery of your true name or not. I do suggest for entertainment and to keep tradition to make yourself a name till you take the title of the man in orange."

"Er um sure, Although I think it will be better get myself known for something to make my Alias." Finn said.

"Oh that's a wonderful idea!" Lace said excitedly all the while throwing his fork behind him. With an annoyed look he flicked his wrist summoning the fork back to him in mid air.  Removing his hood for the first time to reveal bright silver eyes, and a mane of golden blond hair, that flowed neatly down his face, and barely touching his shoulders, it was a little spiked at the top to, with peaks of orange," Sorry for not revealin my face earlier, I was just getting back from sumthin when ya woke up. And ya my eyes aren't orange get over it." He said with annoyance but not with him, but perhaps he couldn't get his eyes to turn orange but Finn didn't really care to ask why he needed to say that.  Finn turned towards one of the windows behind him catching a glimpse of a rich green field with a forest on its outer edges. Everythin here was a lot different than the scenery of London. Immediately he wanted to run around outside, however other thoughts filled his mind, ones regard magic, and where he was, the name of this place, and why had he been selected to be Lace's apprentice.

"So Lace, why me? I'm just an orphan that lives on the streets." Finn asked.

The End

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