Meeting my match

I didn't have a job. I didn't have anything to do during the day except fight and steal. I walked to my usual spot. If anyone wanted to pick a fight with me they knew they could find me here. The bodies of the two boys from yesterday were gone, someone must have found them and called the cops. The cops didn't really care. If another one of us homeless brawlers was killed so what? One less reason to go patrolling. A few of the more audacious cops had come to try and bring me in, but they usually stopped after being beaten up once or twice. As long as I didn't kill a "real human" nobody would bother me.

The sound of someone walking down the alley brought me to my feet. I didn't recognize him, but that wasn't odd. I had a reputation. Those who didn't have any often came to me to try and find some. They never succeeded. I looked at my visitor and said,

"You aren't lost are you stranger?" The man looked at me and shook his head.

"Not if you are Kile." I grinned in anticipation

"Yeah that's me. You ready to die? Cause if you aren't you may want to turn around and leave." It was his turn to smile.

"Boy, I have no intention of dying, and I have no intention of fighting either, but I suspect I may get one whether I intend it or not." I looked at the man with confusion and disbelief. He could tell I was both and continued talking.

"Let me ask you something Kile. If you were to disappear would anyone miss you?"

I thought about that. "No." I said flatly. "Not unless they miss getting their asses handed to them. If you don't want to fight then you better get the hell out of here." The man shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't do that Kile. If I leave this place you're going to have to come with me."

This guy was either very brave, or very stupid. "You some kind of zealous undercover cop?" I asked him. He shook his head again. I was pretty fed up with this guy so I raised my fists and said "Then you're dead."

I rushed him, something I don't usually do. Today I suddenly remembered why. He ducked underneath my swings and swung a leg down to meet my shins, tripping me. I got up and shook myself, I needed to calm down and be patient. Recklessness did not win fights. He feinted left and then spun going for my right, but I saw it coming and grabbed his arm, using his momentum against him and throwing him into the wall.

He didn't even feel it. We circled each other until the man said "So are we fighting or just dancing?" I growled and leapt for him again. Another mistake. Another trip to the ground. I saw what he was doing. He was making me mad on purpose, getting me to stop thinking. Well he wouldn't do it again.

Ok maybe he would.

After being thrown down for the fifth time I realized that this guy wasn't here to kill me. If he was I'd be dead. I didn't care. I was playing for keeps, so I decided to start playing dirty. "What do you want?" I asked him, sweat rolling down my face. As he opened his mouth to speak I lowered my shoulder and charged.

I went right through him. Literally. He reached out and grabbed my shoulder, spinning me, as well as stopping my forward motion. "What do I want?" he said. Things started to spin and go out of focus and just before everything went black he answered my question.


The End

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