The Man dressed in Orange

Finn Harolds

Still breathing hard, and a little jittery from his nightmare, Finn put on a patchy, filthy jacket that once had been a clean blue overcoat.  He was never to picky about what he wore growing up in the situation he was in, but it did make him look more desperate than he was.  Before leaving he took a look around the others had seemed to made it home alright, despite Ethan's pointless worrying. Finn gave a weak smile, as he walked out into the cold winter air, his breath becoming visible as he walked. 

He enjoyed the night, when everyone had retired themselves to sleep. He loved the silence upon the usually busy streets during the day. It was almost as if he was in a dream, no one except the rare few walked these streets at night. If they did the usually kept to themselves, if not they were in a drunken stupor and were easy to avoid. In fact he felt safer walking these streets during the night than he did in the day. For an hour of pointless wandering sifting through previous days events trying to shake his nightmare away little did he know a man in orange was following him from the rooftops. Not until he made his choice to return home, did the man in orange decide to show himself. He came up from behind with heavy footsteps catching Finn's attention.  He turned raising his fists defensively. The man in orange stepped away. 

"Woah!" he said faking excitement

Finn gave a hard look at what he was wearing other then that fact it was orange.  For starters it wasn't all orange, but the trench coat was a definite faded dark orange, with a crimson inside. He had pale skin but noticeable dark purple lips. his trousers were a dark unfaded orange. Underneath the jacket it was obvious he was wearing a white shirt. His eyes, and most of his facial features were hidden by a crimson hood. Finn instantly began to think this man was a freak of some sort, but was far to curious or maybe scared to run away.

"What do you want?" Finn said still holding his fist in front of him.

"I don't know whaddoyawant?" He said in a high tone. Finn was very confused by this statement,"errrrr?' 

"I'm afraid I don't have that, Finn." He said his voice lowered to a deep powerful tone that bared a heavy presence.

"How do you know my name?" Finn replied now getting annoyed.

" I dunno overheard it sumwere." His pitch now sounding quite girly. This was beginning to freak poor Finn right out, the man in orange gave a distinctive high pitched laugh at his facial expression," Sorry I can stop changing my tone of voice if you like, but I would rather you not it. It is quite amusing." He said his voice now sounding normal but seemed to carry a sort of presence with that, Finn thought he sounded a bit cocky. 

" I would prefer if you didn't talk at all." he replied.

"Oh that kinda hurts." He pretended to be hurt holding his chest," You don't have much of a sense of humour do you? "

"Usually I do, but I don't share it with freaks who wear strange clothing, and lipstick." Finn shot back.

"oooh, that's a good one. Never heard that before." He said sarcastically taking a couple steps closer to Finn," I have a question for you Finn Harolds. So listen up, I don't like repeating myself.  If you were to disappear would anyone miss you?"

"Yeah, a little bit, why?" Finn said noticing the man had gotten too close for his comfort, the man smiled. furthering his discomfort. He took a step back and raised his guard.

"Is that the case? How unfortunate that they won't be seeing you again." He said grabbing Finn's shoulder hard,

"Get off me!" He struggled but the man seem most amused when Finn punched him.

"Settle down it won't hurt in the slightest." He replied bringing his index finger and tapping into midair, but to Finn's surprise a deep sound resonated from where he had tapped, and reality seem to slide away revealing a very bright light. 

"This can't be happening." Finn said feeling very light headed.

The End

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