Finn Harolds

"Watch out!" A shout came up from above as a large beam crashed through the makings of the building. Destroying hours worth of work. Finn was most unfortunately directly under its path, so as his closes friend Thomas. Without a second through he grabbed Ethan who stood their stunned, and dropped to the ground holding his own neck,and closed his eyes hoping for the best.

'BANG!Crash!' The ground shook, but Finn felt nothing.

Finn opened his eyes in amazement, he was fine, and so was Ethan. What happened? He turned around, the bottom of the beam was resting on the ground while the other end was resting on whatever was left of the building. The two of them laughed quickly clearing the area just incase.

"What are you two laughing at?" The foreman asked at the edge of the site. Finn straightened himself out, and put on a straight face.

"Uh sir, its just because we had such a close call. err, sorry sir." Finn said. The Foreman stared the two boys down.

"Both of you get back to work!Now!" He yelled harshly.

"Yes." Ethan said turning Finn around who was giving the foreman a murderous glare. 

The rest of the day labouring on the construction site fore less than a pounds pay was, very unpleasant especially with that foreman who only let the boys work because he could pay them less under the table for simply hulling construction materials around the site like work horses.  However they had to get money somehow, it wasn't enough for the other four orphans they lived with, but it was better than totally relying on stealing to get what they needed. Finn wished he could spend some of the money towards books. He wasn't great at reading but he loved it nonetheless.

"Alright the days over! Get going the lot of ya!" The foreman yelled as the sun began to sink into the horizon of the great city.  They had managed to clear away most of the debris from the accident earlier, but the repairs would have to wait till after the weekend.

Finn and Ethan left picking up their weeks pay, and picked up supplies they were low on before making their way to the Shack as they called it. Which was but it more resembled a lot of badly built housing around to make room for the other orphans that lived there.  It wasn't an Orphanage thankfully,they heard of wretched rumours to what happened to kids that lived in the real orphanages.  The others were out currently which was fine by Finn who was dead tired from todays bout of work.

"Where do you think they are off to? Ethan said, sitting on his cot which was next to Finn's.

"I don't know, they're probably stealing again. Or getting in a fight with one of those posh kids. Either way the usually come back all right, so no need to be too worried."

"Your probably right, but I’m not getting a good feeling today Finn. I mean that beam nearly squished us like bugs today, and with our luck that always mean something bad is going to happen." Ethan said with a whiny tone.

Finn had lived with Ethan since the day he was found in the Alleyway a little cut up, and at a loss to most of his memories. Except a blurred one of his parents faces, and then a blurry flash of A samurai holding a bloodied katana with a large amount of blood on the floor. Finn shook at the thought, but over the ten years he had spent with Ethan he had come to know him as an overly superstitious boy, who worried to much sometimes, but was a loyal friend who would throw his life away for just about anyone he called a friend.

"Well if that's how you feel than you can go find em. I'm going to read a little then go to  bed." Finn Yawned falling onto his less than comfortable cot.


"Of course, its been a long day."

"Alright then, I'm going head out for a bit catch some of the nice night air for myself then."

"Alright, tell me if you find a cheap, cheap book,"

"You and your books, you know the others and I were hoping that with all the reading your doing you will get really smart, and a better job so we can all live in a much better place." Ethan said making Finn laugh.

"Don't get your hopes up to much, but I will try." Finn said," Enjoy your night Ethan."

Time passed quickly for Finn as he sat alone vividly reading his book, until he fell sleep took him an hour or so later bringing him into a realm of nightmares of the Samurai cutting down his friends, and chasing him through the streets of London. Its face hidden behind behind a dark mask, but strange glow from where its eyes should be. Finn found himself balancing on steel beams many feet above the ground the samurai catching up to him.  He reached the end of the beams, and turned around, to see that blood covered sword coming at him. He took a step off and fell, only to wake up sweating, and mumbling a scream off terror.

The End

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