Worthless TearsMature


Sasha was a girl full of promises, the first I’ve met after many years of sulking in the shadows. She was like the piece of heaven that could light up the hell I was living in, and take me beyond happiness. That night, when she told me I was beautiful and good-looking enough to attract many suitors, I blushed and cursed my a-cursed beauty. It was ironic, the most beautiful of roses was the one that had the most thorns, always ending up hurting those whom she cares for the most and attracting all kinds of greedy hands. This was my case, Sam and Terry were proof of it. I never acknowledge it until last night...

“Ready for our hike everyone?” Terry called. We were assembled near the skirts of a mountain close to campus; we had map of the different trails that snaked around and into the mountain. It was a beautiful day, the sun was hidden behind white sheets of clouds and the morning air was fresh and crisp.

Terry kept glancing at me and smiling at me provocatively.  I shuddered every time she did that and took refuge in Sasha’s warm, steady hand. Sasha only stared at Terry, until Terry glanced away. Sasha was so kind, she was willing to give Terry the benefit of doubt even though they had tried to part them. Of course, that was just a feeling, a supposition, nothing else, because they didn’t have proof. Anyway, if it had been me, I would have jumped on her when I got the chance and tear that curly hair from her scalp.

I tried to hide the pleasant smirk that had settled on my lips. Terry had confused it with a friendly smile as she stride to us.

“Glad to see you girls here,” she said brightly, which was highly annoying. “I hope the dinner and the chat with your family went smoothly. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in town.”

“It went fine, thanks,” I replied, wrapping my arms around Sasha’s waist. “In fact, it is Sasha’s favourite, it was her idea and my parents were enchanted by it.”

“I wouldn’t expect any less.” Terry tried to hide a spiteful glare. “Anyway, we should start soon. We’ve divided the group into two, you girls are coming with me and a couple of others. It should be very fun to all hang around together!”

“I agree with you,” said Sasha. When Terry turned away, she turned to me and whispered, “what was that for? I think you hurt her feelings.”

“Serves her right for trying to break us up,” I said solemnly.

“I told you maybe our beliefs are wrong. Didn’t you said she was supportive? Oh, and, I know what you’re playing at; you just want to show me off.” She stood on her toes and placed a kiss on my cheek. “You’re so sweet.”
“You know me best,” I smiled. We followed the people who were slowly walking the trail. It was at least 8-mile long, a hike I wasn’t really looking forward to be spending with a bunch of airheads and Terry. Luckily, I had Sasha, but everybody was looking hungrily at her, asking her all sorts of questions, like the secrets for her great looks and her camera techniques.

I had to admit, I was jealous. I started liking the gays more, at least they weren’t all over Sasha, drooling like hungry puppies. Oh, and how Sasha was laughing and enjoying. It was her thing, this social vibe, something so unlike me. But then I thought, it was only this one day that I had to share Sasha with the world, the rest of her days would be spent with me.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was the always-beaming Terry. “Hey Cerice, enjoying the hike so far? I reckon you’ll love it when we get to the top. I heard from a little birdie that you love Australian sunsets.”

“You’ve heard a lot of things about me, haven’t you?”

“Well, to be honest, yeah. You’re pretty, can’t expect gossip to not follow you. When you opened up, that was a bummer for most of the jocks at school who tried to get in bed with you. I was quite pleased, if I may be honest with you.”

I blushed. “Well, can’t expect me to please everybody I meet. Sasha is my life now, and I hope that stays forever, no matter who or what tries to pry us apart.” Those words were very meaningful, at least to me, and I have them grave emphasis.

“Of course.” Terry raised her hands and smiled confidently. “I would not meddle with your relationship, but I know some girls from the club who were talking about it. I told them away, naturally. I didn’t want them talking s--t of you and Sasha.”

“I’m suppose to appreciate your efforts?”

Terry looked hurt, but I wasn’t about to go back on my words. “What is it with you Cerice?” She was acting out pretty well, tear smudges were appearing in her eyes. “I’m just trying to be kind and nice to you. Everybody sort of hates you and here I am, trying to be friends with you.”

“Have you thought that maybe I don’t need a fried like you, venomous and sneaky? I know you set me up that night at Sam’s room.”

Terry’s mouth hung opened. “Is that what you think of me?” Her voice was raise an octave, almost to a shout. “Well, I guess that’s what I get out of being good. And for the record, I didn’t set you up, okay?” She darted past me, and walked to the front of the line. Her shoulders were shaking ever so slightly as some girls huddled close to her to ask about her “tears”.

Everybody was turning to look at me with less-than-friendly glares. Great, the least I wanted was to be thought the enemy and trouble-maker of the hike. I wished I had joined the other group instead, and evade this confrontation with Terry. Maybe I had overreacted.

Sasha came to me. “What happened to Terry? Cerice, what did you told her?”

I shrugged. “The truth.”

“Oh Cerice, can’t you be a bit more sensitive? You hurt her feelings.” There was hesitation in Sasha’s voice.

“You don’t even believe I hurt her feelings, you think she’s acting it out.”

“Yeah, but this is no place to do that! I think you should apologize.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said. “I won’t apologize.”

“Cerice, please. Right now, you’re the bad guy of the story, don’t make it worst on you. Apologize to her and try to have fun, please, for me?”

I sighed. “Alright, but I will apologize when we get to rest and everything settles. I’m sorry I spoilt your fun.”  

“It’s alright, they were kind of pestering me anyway.”

As usual, Sasha had a way of making me smile, always.

The End

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