Decisions, decisions...Mature

I looked in to her face; she seemed tired but anxious.

"Yeah, sure. I'll go hiking." I gave up, and slipped my hand in to hers. "But I don't want you to smoke, and I don't want you to  drink excessively. It will ruin everything about you."

"I'll try. I just, I was so messed up when you ran away from me."

"So it's my fault?" I asked, slightly annoyed that she was saying this.

"No, that's not what I meant. I meant that it hurt me so much when we were apart that I couldn't deal with it. And that's why I don't want you to ever leave. That's why I just told you the truth about me not doing drugs, and not going to Terry's room."

I paused and thought it through. So Terry, this person that I had suspected liked Cerice, had told me some truth and some lies, unless of course Cerice was lying. But I didn't really believe she was lying.

"Alright. I'm sorry for doubting you."

"And I'm sorry for doing those stupid things."

We went back to my house hand in hand, silently, until Cerice stopped at the door and turned to me.

"It was Terry that told you that wasn't it?"

"Yes, in the bathroom."

"I thought she was my friend."

"Maybe she was trying to stop you... looking out for you?" I didn't believe it myself, but I thought I ought to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"She was the one who suggested that going out would help me forget you." Inside a triumphant voice shouted 'I knew it!', but I kept my face straight.

"Well, I think we have found the person trying to break us up."

"Are you sure?"

"No, but I guess we'll find out at the hike. Now come here." I whispered, pulling her close to me and kissing her.


I smiled as I watched Cerice's sleeping face. It was the middle of the night, but after she had fallen asleep on me, exhausted, I couldn't help but watch her. I stroked her arm and kissed her forehead. A smile flittered on to her face and her eyes opened blearily.

"Why are you still awake?" She whispered, positioning herself to look at me.

"I was looking at your face. You're so very beautiful, did you know that?"

"Shut up. I'm not, really. You are."

"No Cerice. Have you not wondered why so many people have been after you? Sam, Terry? It's all because you're incredibly good looking." She blushed and kissed me i a bid to shut me up. "I'd like to photograph you, and paint you, and sketch you... you'd be an incredible source of inspiration." I muttered once her lips released me.

"I'll think about it." She whispered, before trailing her fingers over my skin. I shivered in delight. Then her lips were on mine again, and I had no thoughts of interrupting her.


We met at the university for the hike. I had my shorts and strappy top on, and my camera strap was thrown over my shoulder. Cerice saw me and hurried over, hugging me and pecking me on the lips. Over her shoulder I saw Terry glancing over at us, then pointing and talking to her friends. I didn't really like the look on her face.

"Ready for our hike everyone?" She called through a tannoy.

The End

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