Cerice's parents were late, and Cerice and I sat waiting on a sofa at the Spanish restraunt I loved. I held her hand and stroked it with my thumb. She was anxious, and was always anxious about her parents. She had been ever since the crash.

"What if something's happened?"

"Hush darling, nothing will have happened." Just as I said this, her parents walked through the door.

"Sorry we're late! There was traffic."

Cerice kissed her mother and I recieved a hug from her before we entered. As we sat round our table, the conversation turned to our relationship.

"So, Cerice told me you two had a rocky patch over the last few days?"

"Yes... well Sasha and I were the subject of some cruel prank that tried to tear us apart."

"We still don't know who created the prank of course." I muttered.

"Well I think it's cruel to break up young love." Cerice's mother said.

I smiled at her and we began discussing the menu. Someone tapped Cerice on the shoulder.

"Hey Cerice."

"Hey Terry." So this was Terry. I remembered seeing her.

"I was wondering whether you and Sasha would like to come on that hike tomorrow?"

"I thought you said it was just for students?" Cerice asked.

"Well our numbers are a little low." She was smiling, but there was something about that smile that made me think it wasn't all real. "So will you come?"

"Of course." Cerice answered, then turned to me. "You will come right?"

"Yeah." I said, not wanting to leave Cerice alone with this girl. "I'll bring my camera."

"Oh good." Terry said then left.

"A friend of yours?" Cerice's father asked.


I went to the ladies room before dessert, and walked in to Terry. This time she grinned hugely at me.

"Oh hi! You're Sasha right?"


"I'm Terry."

"I know." I realised I was being frosty and tried to be nicer. "Cerice's friend yes?" I shook her hand.

"Yeah. So look, I'm pleased you two are back together. I mean, after all the poor girl couldn't have lasted much longer if you hadn't have."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, she didn't tell you? She started on this whole 'I don't care' route, late night partying, drinking, smoking although she didn't really like that. I think she even tried a drug because she looked really odd when she turned up at my door asking if she could stay the night."


"Yeah but don't worry I just took her back to her room. God knows what she'd have done if I hadn't. She kept touching me. I mean, I kno I'm gay but I think she was just looking for some comfort you know? Anyway, it was nice meeting you properly. I look forward to our hike." She grinned that fake grin again and then left, leaving me to stare after her in shock.

I splashed water on my face and returned to the table.

"Hey." Cerice grinned and stroked my hand before turning her eyes back on her parents.

I kept glancing at her throughout dessert.

Surely she wouldn't...? Not my perfect, pure Cerice. She wouldn't do drugs? I mean, I could forgive the rest with her being upset and it being uni, but drugs? And touching Terry up? No!

But something in the back of my mind told me I wasn't so sure as I sounded.

The End

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