Working out some issuesMature

"Sasha, I love you." I froze at the sound of Cerice's voice. I wasn't ready for this.


"No wait. I can't help it. You've made me love you. And, I don't know who did this, but I haven't slept with Sam. I don't even like him."

"That may be... but you didn't even try..."

"I know I didn't try to tell you the truth enough. I was in shock."

"Cerice..." I turned around and saw her so close I could just reach out and take her in my arms. "Why would someone take those photos?"

"Well, Oscar thinks it's Terry trying to break us two up, but I told him that's stupid because she's never even met you."

"That doesn't mean anything. I mean, has she flirted with you?" Her face told me the answer before she could. "She has then."

"She did, but then I told her that I was with you and that I love you and she stopped. She's just been a friend whilst I've been upset over our fall out."

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Sasha, why won't you believe me?"

"Because, I don't want to get hurt again. You're young, out of your comfort zone and in a whole new world. It would be easy to distract you from me. Especially if she broke us up by taking photos."

"She wouldn't do that."

"Well maybe it's not her. But whoever it is managed to time it perfectly don't you think?"

"Maybe they were just going past and the plan sprung to mind."

"Cerice... I can't deal with this uncertainty. Someone obviously wants us to split enough to do this. I didn't know dating you would mean my heart was going to be constantly under attack."

"I didn't know dating you would be so hard!" She was shouting now.

"Well if that's how you feel then maybe we shouldn't see each other." I whispered.

"Sasha... is that what you want?"

"No. I want you."

"I want you too."

I couldn't help it; I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her soft lips. I felt the grin on her face before I saw it; opening my eyes to look at her face.

"Guess that means you forgive me for being an idiot." I muttered.

"If you'll forgive me for not fighting hard enough to make you listen, so that you would know the truth."

"Just kiss me numpty." I felt my lips touch hers again, and the happiness at being back with her, this close, made me feel like my heart was exploding out of my chest.

The End

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