Sam was in for a treat. He would soon learn not to meddle with me or Sasha.The class ended and I waited patiently for everybody to file out of the classroom. Sasha was standing in the door, bidding them a good night. When the last student finally left, she closed the door and walked to me and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a long and passionate kiss.

It felt so good to be with her, in her arms, my mouth in hers. I slid my hands under her blouse and started navigating through her smooth skin.

"Somebody might come in," she whispered, holding my face with  both her hands.

"I don't care," I said and kissed her once more. However, in reality I did care. Sasha might be fired if the school board knew. I had to handle Sam now before it was too late and he blurted out the truth. "I don't want to take your resting time away," I said, "I think I should leave."

Sasha nodded, unconvinced that her well-being was the only reason for me to leave. "Cerice, please, think things through before acting," she pleaded.

"I promise I won't murder him," I said jokingly, "I was only kidding when I said that. I am only going to give him a piece of my mind." 

"Promise it," Sasha shot me a very serious look as she was gathering her stuff.

"What? The murder part or the talking?"

"Both," Sasha wasn't smiling. Apparently she didn't like going around giving people trouble, unlike me. At least Sasha had brains and tact for both of us.

I held up my hands, "okay, promise."

She smiled and walked to me, kissing me one last time. "I look forward to seeing you tomorrow." I smiled at her and kissed her goodbye, leaving the room before she did.


Sam's dorm room was just down the hall from mine. It wasn't late enough for the students to be in bed, however it wasn't early enough to stop partying. I heard of a party in a club, every student was invited, but I wasn't interested and I begged the stars that Sam wasn't either. I walked down the hall and stationed myself before a door that had a door tag with "SAMUEL" on it. I knocked politely twice, but nobody came to answer. I knocked again, louder, until I was banging on the door. Still nothing. Maybe he was out or something. Dejected, I turned to leave, but on second thoughts, I remained there, with my back against the glass pane, waiting for him to return.

Maybe an hour or more had passed and my legs were already tired. When was he coming back? I wanted to talk to him tonight before anything else might happen. I heard a sudden noise, movement inside his dorm. Then the lock of the door clicked. There was somebody inside! How foolish of me to stand here waiting for him when he was already inside! I heard a female laughter.

Oh boy, I thought. I came here in a bad time. I better run!

But before I could as much as turn around and sprint away, the door opened and a young woman was standing there, with her hair disheveled and her blouse halfway buttoned. She was holding her stilettos and walking barefoot. She gasped when she saw me.

I was horror-stricken when I saw her, "Professor Martins?"

"Cerice!" she sounded surprised and nervous, "what brings you here?" She laughed nervously.

Professor Martins was the teacher assistant of my Physics teacher, I always thought she had an affair with my teacher but I was mistaken. My mouth dropped stupidly, "I would like to ask the same," I choked. "What are you doing in Sam's dorm?"

"Aw honey," there was pleading in her eyes, "Sam approached me tonight saying he wasn't feeling well because the physics homework was too hard for him, so I offered to tutor his dorm... Well, it was very nice seeing you here, but I gotta run." She ran down the hall and disappeared around the corner.

How low had Sam fallen! I thought miserably. I was starting to feel bad for him. I stepped inside the dark room and scanned it, "Sam, I know about you and Professor Martins," I taunted. There was no sneering response so common to him. "Sam?"

But Sam was prostrated in his bed, with only his boxers on, with his arms spread out, chest heaving, "she was wonderful."

"You're disgusting," I said, "how could you?"

"Come on Cerice," Sam said propping himself on his elbow, "it isn't as if you're not dating your teacher."

I was taken aback, "that is different Sam." I retorted. "Martins actually works here."

"I knew you'd be jealous," he leered. "And I know you're not here to take your turn with me."

"Such a genius," I said sarcastically. "I wanted to murder you for what you did to Sasha today. But seeing you like this, I pity you."

"You're always here because of something that has to do with Sasha," he muttered miserably. "I was drunk okay, and mad. She was there in the wrong place and time."

"I don't believe you."

"Why do you think you're the center of my universe?" his voice was cocky. "I have other things to worry about, you know?"

"Yeah, stay out of our life and I'll keep my mouth shut," I said.


"And just for the record Sam," I said, "I'm sorry for everything I made you go through, it wasn't my intention." I closed the door, but I knew his face was a startled one, like mine. I was being mature, something Sasha would be proud of.


"Sasha would love to know that her little girlfriend is having an affair with that lover of hers," Terry said to herself, hiding herself and her camera as Cerice was walking back to her dorm. "And Cerice will come weeping into my arms when Sasha calls her a betrayer."

The End

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