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The soft and warm rays of sunlight were filtering through the thin sheet of curtain. A warm body stir next to me, and I rolled on my side and found Sasha soundly sleeping next to me. Her smooth, creamy naked body was half covered with my blanket and her chest was slowly rising and falling with her steady breathing. I propped myself up one elbow and with my free hand brush strands of her hair away from her angelical face. I glanced at the clock and read 7:30 a.m., I grunted, if I didn't get out of bed now I would be late for class. Back to reality. I bent over Sasha's face and kissed her to wakening. Her lips were smooth and her skin lightly scented. Her eyes opened slowly, admitting the daylight little by little.

"Good morning, beauty," I chirped happily. "How did you slept?"

Sasha gathered the blanket around her naked chest and pulled me to her for a long, passionate kiss. "I slept very well," she whispered. "What time is it?"

"Time for me to go to class," I said, slipping an oversize shirt over my head. "I will take a quick shower." I walked to the restroom and emerged twenty minutes later, with my hair dripping water and clothed in my usual black. "I'm so sorry I have to leave you but my education waits for me to complete it. I will see you tonight in art class, I suppose?"

Sasha nodded, "you look very beautiful," she said, "be sure to get straight A's."

I went to her and kissed her one last time, "I always do, stay here as long as you feel like it, my place is your place." I waved her goodbye and exited the room and into a hallway packed with students.


"Sasha is here?" Oscar asked, wide-eyed. "You are to say, she spent the night with you?"

I nodded, "we're officially a couple now and I don't give a damn what people would say or think about us. My parents like Sasha, they told me. I feel so happy Oscar." I was telling Oscar all about my weekend escapade, all from the beach house to the accident and beyond. Both of us were walking to our next class together.

"I am happy you do," Oscar said, "Samuel has been very moody since last night, he kept mumbling things to himself in the dorm hall. Hope he doesn't cause you or Sasha any trouble."

"I hope he dares not," I said, "I will break his stupid face and rip that grin off him." My word, Sasha would be appalled if she heard me express myself in such an unladylike manner. "I hope Sasha never has to see him again."

We were walking the central gardens toward another building when a sign caught my attention. It was a sign promoting and tolerating LGBT community on campus. I was intrigued and immediately walked towards it. Four people were sitting behind a table talking animatedly among themselves while other two were handing out fliers.

"Hello," a tall, brunette approach me with a flier, she had captivating and piercing gray eyes, "my name is Theressa but everybody calls me Terry, my friends and I are here today to promote tolerance toward the LGBT communities in this campus, would you be interested in taking part of a lecture this afternoon? There will be a lot of people like us in the meeting and I promise lots of fun."

How had she guessed? I wondered. "Maybe I will attend."

"Great!" she said, "I hope to see you there." She winked.

"You could take Sasha," Oscar suggested. Terry looked at us with curiosity, but before I could stop Oscar from answering he said, "She is my friend Cerice's girlfriend."

"Of course," Terry nodded knowingly, "you're welcome to bring friends, the more the merrier, right?"

"I doubt it, she is working at that time, but thank you," I said and pulled Oscar with me. "Why did you told her that?"

"Didn't you see her? She was eying you from head to toe! Somebody had to say something and set the boundaries, you're in a relationship now Cerice. You're Sasha's property." Oscar said.

I blushed, was Terry really checking me out? Everything was so new, I was being accustomed to having boys all over me but not girls. This was something excitingly new. "I will never betray Sasha," I said.

"Are you telling her about this?"

"She wouldn't have time anyway," I replied, "she is working. I will go to the meeting and then to her class, I will tell her all about it."

"Okay," Oscar said. He seemed genuinely worried about our relationship. "When are your parents leaving?"

"Next week. For the first time in my life I felt happy to see them. I have decided to stay with Science for a while and do art as a hobby, after all, it would be strange and clashing if two artists are dating each other." 


"Did you saw that gorgeous girl?" one of the boys sitting behind the table leaned in on Terry, taunting her, "she seems your type. Dark, slender, pale... wanted. If I were straight I would undoubtedly be after her, sweetie pie. Too bad she has a girlfriend already."

"We'll see about that," Terry grinned darkly, watching the slim figure of Cerice lost among bodies of teenagers and university students.

The End

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