"No, Cerice has not yet met my parents. In fact, I don't know whether she ever will. You see my mother had a very similar reaction to you when I told her about my sexuality, although after two days at my friends house she told me she wanted me back, but she wanted to hear nothing about my sexuality. Basically, as long as I don't talk about it, or act like it she can pretend like it isn't real."

"But surely if she knew you were happy..." Cerice asked.

"No Cerice. My mother has rather severe views on the subject. I'm afraid that if I ever took you to her house she would never speak to me again. And I wouldn't be surprised if one of us came out with some form of injury."


"When I told her she threw a saucepan at my head."

"Oh no." She took my hand and squeezed it, then began rubbing circles in to the palm. I wanted to kiss her then, but I was sure that would overstep boundaries in front of her parents. "Well maybe you could try..."

"Maybe. We'll have to see. But to be honest I've told your parents I'll keep you safe; look after you, so I'm not willing to let you anywhere near flying kitchen instruments."

"Well we appreciate that Sasha." Cerice's mother commented looking at her husband. "Don't we dear?"

"Yes, we do." He took another sip of wine. Something told me that Cerice's father did not like to talk much, but when he did it was relevant and people were expected to listen. They really were like a royal couple.

Dinner arrived and we ate, chatting about art, Australia, France and a range of different things. By the time dessert arrived I thought we must know everything about each others lives.

"Cerice dear, as regards your future..." her mother seemed to be trying to broach a conversation delicately, "... if you wish it to be in art I have no problem with that, but your father and I would prefer if you did your science in University, so that you have something to support you until you break out in to the art world."

"Actually  Cerice, that isn't a half bad idea. I know you hate it... but it pays to be prepared." I hesitated before making this statement, because I knew how much she didn't want to do it.

"I know it's sensible, but I really can't think of anything I'd like to do less."

"Well just think about it. Your parents have a point."

"I suppose. I'll think on it, mother, father."

"Thank you" Her mother replied. "Well, it's late, hadn't we best be getting home?" I nodded and waved the waiter over for the bill. When he returned, Cerice's mother and father offered to pay.

"Oh no, please allow me to pay for this meal, in celebration of your release from hospital."

"Well really dear, you don't have to..."

"It will be my pleasure." I paid the bill and we got up to leave. I drove Cerice's parents back to her aunts, waving goodbye, then went to drive Cerice back to her dorm. We parked outside.

"So..." She said.

"That went well."

"Yes, they really like you."

"I hope so. I tried to be as good as I possibly could. I really wanted them to like me, for your sake." I looked worriedly at her face.

"You were amazing." She reached across to kiss me and I let her lips brush mine before stroking her cheek and kissing her deeper. When we broke apart she was breathing heavily. "Want to come in?"

"To your dorm? Are you sure?"

"Definately." I climbed out of my car and followed her up the steps. She took my hand and led me through corridors and then unlocked a door. She went in pulled me after her. We kissed again and then I looked around.

"Wow, you did well disguising this room. It took me months before I got it to stop looking like a dorm room."

"Thanks." She sought my lips again and I grinned kissing her back.

Cerice is perfect. I must tell her that, as soon as possible.

The End

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