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I had been glowering at Sam the entire time he was standing there like an idiot with his silly mother beside him. How dare he come to me after the hell he made Sasha and me go through? It was inconceivable! When Sasha told them, politely, that he probably should leave, she was surprised that he hadn't protested or defend himself. He just took his mother and briskly walk her away from our table. There was like a slight regret and guilt in his expression and shame in the way he walked away. I thought I felt bad for him for a moment, but it was quickly whisked away from me.

It was my parent's turn to look at us suspiciously. "Care to explain?" Mr. Clairoux asked.

Sasha glanced at me and pressed my hand for encouragement. "Go ahead," she mouthed.

I could see she was as nervous as I was about telling my parents the whole story of our ending up together. "His name is Samuel, he is studying physics and I met him at school."

"He looks like a nice sort of boy," Mrs. Clairoux commented, her gaze lingering where Sam had previously exited with his mother.

"Mother," I snapped and rolled my eyes, "he might seem like a nice guy but he is not. Anyway, he teased and annoyed me when I was having doubts about my feelings toward Sasha. He threatened me that if I did not go out on a date with him he would tell his mother about Sasha's sexual preferences. I liked Sasha very much as a teacher back then and didn't wanted Sam to have Sasha kicked out of her job because of his stupid intolerance. So I decided to go out on a date with him and he self-invited me to his parent's house in the weekend. I went," I hesitated because I hadn't told Sasha about the kiss, "his parents, especially his mother, were delighted with me and they got the wrong idea. He gave them the wrong idea."

My parents were appalled by my story, they seem to regret letting me study in Australia by myself.

"Did something happen between the two of you?" Sasha voice was constricted, as if contained anger was boiling inside her.

"He kissed me," I said disgusted, "I pushed him away, naturally, and told him I wanted nothing to do with him. I didn't see him until after the faculty-student party where his mother introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend." Sasha remembered that night vividly. "That was the night when I confessed my feelings to Sasha, we left the party and walked on the beach. Alone. Just like we like it."

My mother was close to tears. "It is all very romantic, dearies."

"What about when you mentioned that he beat up your friend?" Mr. Clairoux asked.

"Oh, that was Oscar, the day I wanted to introduced Oscar to Sasha, we ran into the misfortune of finding him in the cafe. Sam was insulting us openly so Oscar tackled him to the floor. You should have seen it, feeble Oscar was beating on Sam, until Sam overpowered him. Then Sasha told him to leave."

"Oscar was treated immediately," Sasha added. "We've been through a lot together and we have managed to be together and remain strong. Nobody has ever make me feel the way Cerice does."

I blushed. "Now can you understand my hatred towards you when you didn't accept her."

"If the relationship was so much trouble why continue?" Mr. Clairoux shook his head disapprovingly.

"Have a little bit more of tact," Mrs. Clairoux accused. "They love each other and they're young. Excuse my husband, Sasha, he has a terribly practical mind. If something doesn't work, he might as well throw it out the window." She laughed.

"I hope the gentleman that just walked away behaves next time he is around you girls," Mr. Clairoux said, "and that that lady, mother of his, behaves professionally and does not fire you, my dear Sasha."

"Thank you Mr. Clairoux," Sasha said, "I think I can take care of her." She was so confident about everything, I loved her for that, and more.

"What about your parents?" Mrs. Clairoux asked, "has Cerice met them yet? I think it would be ideal for us to meet them."

I glanced at Sasha. It was true, I never met Sasha's parents or heard her talk about them at all. The only thing I knew was that her mother was horrified when Sasha told her the truth about herself. I also wanted to hear what she had to say about that. I smiled, a sign of encouragement for her, as she had done with me.

The End

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