Hospital facesMature

When the ambulance arrived through the smog and the dust, they were fast to act. Cerice's parents were loaded carefully in, and the ambulance man allowed Cerice to ride with them. I followed in my car.

I couldn't helping feeling hostile towards the two people as I drove through the dark, my eyes on the ambulance ahead. They had spoiled what should have been the perfect end to the perfect day, something which Cerice deserved after what she had been through recently. Then as I thought of the woman I loved I scolded myself for those thoughts. How dare I feel hate towards people Cerice loved so dearly? What position was I in to hate these people, who had given life to the woman I love? As I reached the hospital I saw Cerice, tear-stained, getting out of the ambulance. Her mother and father had already been unloaded, and were in the process of being rushed in. Cerice was following, but her eyes looked lost and confused. I parked and ran to her side, slipping my arm around her waist. She shook it off angrily and picked up the pace, following the nurse who was in charge.

"Are you relations?"

"I am the daughter." Cerice said, her voice dry from crying. "This is my girlfriend." I smiled at the nurse and led Cerice to a chair. We sat and watched the doors that her parents had disappeared behind, anxious for news.

"Cerice, honey. It's going to be ok."

"It's all my fault. It's all my fault."

"No, it's not. It's not your fault, you hear me?

"But they were looking for me! I ran away, if I hadn't we would be..."

"You'd be in the air, without me, and you'd be feeling the same way you felt before I told you my plan, before I took you away. You'd be hating them. You wouldn't think you loved them. This has shown you how much you do. So be strong for them. They wouldn't like to see you like this." She shuddered and began crying again, leaning her head against my shoulder. "Cerice. Shush, honey, I'm here." I kissed her forehead and gave her a tissue to wipe her eyes.

The doors opened and a nurse appeared. Cerice's head shot up and she leapt from her chair. I let her go on her own, and watched as the nurse spoke to her. Cerice followed the woman through the doors without a backwards glance. I hoped for her sake that her parents were alright.

Then I sat and waited for Cerice to reappear.

The End

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