Accident on the Road to HappinessMature


The ocean mirrored the warm sunset, ripples and waves of different shades of orange, red, and yellow washed over the fine-grained sand beach. The first stars were beginning to appear in the dark mantle that was the sky and the moon was slowly rising over the Eastern horizon. The wind swept by occasionally and gently, brushing off piles of loose sand and making the tall palm trees sway rhythmically. In my stolen moments, I like to believe nature was also a reflection of the people enjoying it, as if made beautiful by the positive thoughts each person contributes to the force that moves the universe.

Maybe it was so, I noticed nature's gestures were most beautiful and enticing whenever I was with Sasha, and most importantly, I was happy. Her fingers entwined with mine was all I needed to be happy, her presence next to me would suffice to fulfill my days with joy, her laugh was all the music I needed to hear, and her eyes were the only "painting" I wished gazed at. Her touch on my nude body had send tingles all over and doubled ten-fold when she kissed me tenderly.

I don't remember much about the time we spent in bed, though I do remember repeating her these words...

"I love you," I said once again.

She laughed, "you seem like a broken record."

I blushed ever so slightly, "I know, I just don't want you to ever forget that... I guess..."

Her eyes softened and she stopped our walk, she wrapped her arms around my waist and snuggled her head in my neck. "I love you too Cerice. I won't forget it." She looked up at me, her lips searching mine, and she found them. We kissed until the moon had completely overpowered the sun and the starred sky was turning into deep shades of blue.The wind was getting colder as well, and I felt Sasha shiver.

"I think we should go back," I whispered and she nodded. Hand-in-hand we walked back to the small beach house.

Like a piercing cry of the night, tires screeched against the pavement of the street right off the beach. I turned just in time to see a familiar Camry with its headlights on, veering and shifting uncontrollably on the street in an attempt to move out of the way of a reckless motorcycle rider. When finally, the hood smashed against the rocky mountain flanking the other side of the street. Sanity slipped from between my fingers like sand and a scream erupted from my chest. In a split of a second I was sprinting toward the accident, with Sasha close behind me. Everything moved in slow motion as I ran through the beach. I felt the universe was acting against me, pulling me back, slowing me down,  as I trotted through the sand. Tears started to blur my sight as they welled in my eyes and trickled down my burning cheeks.

"Please, please, not them, let it be not them, please, please, I beg you," I mumbled through choked tears as I reached the street. Scattered in the street, there were shattered glass, glistening under the moon like a path of stars in the Earth. The smell of burning was stagnant and mixed with the distinct smell of iron. Blood, there was blood everywhere.

"Dad, Mom!" I screamed to the top of my lungs, opening the driver's seat. The impact had been grave on the passenger's seat side. I saw my father, slumped against the seat, with his head hung low and the air bag slowly deflating. My whole body was trembling and the world didn't make any sense anymore. A long gash ran down his unconscious face, blood trickling fast. Sasha was already standing beside me and gasped, horrified.

"It's all my fault," I cried, and got into the car to unstrapped the seat belt. Then, with Sasha's help, we carried my father's body out. Tears were unstoppable now and breathing didn't help. I went back to the car and saw that the passenger seat was already soaked in blood from my mother. I stole a quick glance at the back of the car, my aunt wasn't there. "Mom, mom, tell me you're okay," I said through tears as I saw my mother's perfect face covered in blood with her hair soaked in the life's elixir. She had several cuts and gashes in her arms and face because she had been on the impacted area. I fumbled to find the seat belt to liberate my dear mother, but my hands were shaky. When finally I managed it, I tried pulling her out but her leg was stuck.

"Sasha!" I screamed hopelessly, "I can't get her leg out!" Sasha got into the back seat, she was far more composed than I was, and hastily helped me free my mother. Outside, people had stopped and many were dialing 9-1-1. The smog filled my nostrils and my eyes and the ghastly face of both my parents occupied my mind. When her leg was off, some men helped us carried her outside and placed her beside my father's body.

I scrambled to kneel beside them, feeling that my world was falling apart and the people I ever loved were slowly slipping away from me. I couldn't stand to see them. "When is the ambulance coming?!" I wailed, Sasha hugged me and tried to calm me down.

"Cerice, everything will be fine," she whispered. "I checked their pulse, it is faint but it is there. Have hope."

I looked up at her tear-strained face, "I am a terrible person, a terrible daughter," I sobbed and shook her away from me. I crawled closer to my parents and held them close, begging them to hold on to dear life.

The End

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