Not letting her goMature

I blinked through the tears in my eyes and rubbed away the pain in my head. Several hairs came off as I pulled away my hand and I winced. The woman was strong, for all her airs and graces, and I knew I'd be able to feel the pain tomorrow. I contemplated knocking on the door, screaming at them to let Cerice out, or even breaking in and carrying her off like some form of fairytale. But this is real life, and I definately did not want the police involved. I got in my car and drove off, rubbing my head to try and drive the pain away. It was only when I reached home that I recieved a text from Cerice, which I opened urgently.

--They are taking me away tomorrow. I am so sorry for what you’ve gone through, please forgive me. I can do nothing about anything anymore, I am a failure, and I failed you. I am so sorry. I guess I don’t and can’t deserve you, but I love you. Bye.—

I tried to call her, tried to tell her she wasn't a failure, and that she could make her own choices but to no avail- her phone was switched off. I went in to my room and pulled off my top, then my shorts and then winced. My arm hurt, and as I looked down I saw a bruise forming where Cerice's father had grabbed me to throw me out of the house. I lay on my bed and thought everything through. She'd kissed me, pulling me closer, god that kiss! But it was the kiss that had ended it all. Her aunt, then her mother and father, all shouting and screaming in hatred. I curled up and began to cry, not only for the pain in my head, but the pain of being torn away from the woman I loved. The aching, pulling feeling in my heart far out weighed the pian in my head or on my arm. Then suddenly, I sat bolt upright, an idea pushing its way in to my brain. I thought it through and grinned. I wasn't letting Cerice go without a fight. I'd been quite happy to do that with others, but this was different. I fell asleep with the smile still on my face.


The airport was busy, and I strained my eyes to keep them on the group of four that were sat in the departure area. The three adults seemed perfectly at ease, although I could tell they were watching Cerice with eagle eyes, waiting for her to make a movement. I looked at the clock. 10 past 10. They'd be leaving in ten minutes. I just hoped Cerice had got my text. Please, please have got my text. Cerice looked up at the clock, then turned and said something to her mother. Her mother began to shake her head, but then reconsidered and got up with her, making sure that she linked arms to prevent her daughter from running away. I grinned and made my way to the back enterance to the toilets. I saw Cerice come through the door, and her mother waiting outside, obviously too high and mighty to come in to a public toilet. Cerice made her way to an end cubicle and disappeared inside. The door shut, blocking her mother from view. The cubicle door opened and Cerice appeared. She glanced at the door, then turned and looked at me. I beckoned and she grinned, running towards me.

"We have about two minutes." She whispered embracing me.

"Let's go. I'm so glad you got my text." We walked calmly hand in hand out of the back door and headed for the exit. We'd just reached the doors when there was a shriek.

"Cerice!! Where are you??!! She's gone darling!!!" The shrieks continued in french and I pulled Cerice hurriedly out of the door as we made a run for my car.

The End

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