Torn to PiecesMature


My parents were sitting upright on the long couch; both of them looked up as we entered.

“Hey,” I greeted informally.

“Hello Cerice my dear,” my mother answered fondly.

The confidence that once had over brim my heart was now slowly dissipating and fading away. “She is a friend of mine,” I replied, “she works in an art center nearby the university.”

“I am Sasha Tillman,” she said.

“You’re a lovely young woman!” my mother grinned. “I suppose Cerice told you we’re leaving within the next few days, yes?”

“Yes she told me, it is a pity that you have to leave so soon,” Sasha said, taking the armchair beside the couch as my mother had instructed her.

 “I dare say I missed France dearly. Sometimes, in my stolen moments, I wished Cerice would fly back with us,” she said. I tried my best not to roll my eyes at her concern and motherly affection as I took the sofa across Sasha.

“Seeing as we have company, I will get some fruit,” my aunt announced and disappeared in the kitchen.

 “She always acts so independent,” my mother told Sasha, “just a few days ago she introduced us to her boyfriend, Oscar. Though she wouldn’t admit it but a mother always knows when her daughter is romancing.”

“Mother, Oscar is not my boyfriend,” I retorted.

“I need to use the restroom,” Sasha interjected, “may I know the way?”

“I will take you,” I rose and Sasha followed me into the dimly lighted hallway, finally a place where we could be alone. Once we stood in front of the restroom door I let go of my anxiety. “They’re insufferable! I am very sorry, but I was scared…”

“Sweetie,” Sasha cupped my face, “I am not blaming you for anything, I can wait, and everything will end up just fine.”

“Thanks Sasha,” I whispered and bend my head to brush my lips against hers. The moment was so enticing and my feelings so overpowering that my arms snaked around her waist and pulled her closer to me, feeling her body against mine. She returned the kiss with passion, wrapping her arms around my neck, clinging to me as one would cling to dear Life.

A shriek came from the hallway and a shattering of glass followed shortly, “what the hell are you doing?!” an angered voice echoed through the house. I realized my mistake too late. There was another scream and suddenly I felt Sasha being yanked from me, by my own mother. Sasha screamed in agony as my mother dragged her away from me by her long, strawberry blonde hair, calling her filthy names that I’d never dreamed of coming from her lips. My aunt had seen us kissing and dropped the plate with cut fruits to the floor, my parents rushed just in time as our lips parted.

“Mom, mom!” I screamed after them, “Please mom, I wanted to tell you…”

“Tell me what?!” she was breathless as she let go of Sasha’s hair, “that you’ve become everything I didn’t want you to become?”

“Please mom, please understand,” I said, “I am not that girl you always wanted and I am so very sorry for that but… I love Sasha and she loves me as well, please just get to know her better, accept me for who I am.”

“Nonsense,” my father spoke up angrily for the first time in my life, “what has become of you, Cerice? Ever since you came to Australia you’ve changed, I fear it was a mistake to let you go from our watch,” there was regret in his voice, “I won’t have a lesbian for a daughter.”

“I promise to take care of Cerice,” Sasha said pleadingly, “my parents didn’t understand either but slowly they began to accept me, if you love Cerice you’ll want her to be happy with whomever she pleases…”

My father took Sasha by the arm and opened the door, and then he threw her outside. My mother hugged me fiercely to stop me from getting to Sasha, tears flowed from my eyes. “I don’t ever want to see you,” my father shouted, “who are you to tell us how to educate our daughter, we love her and understand her more than you’ll ever understand her, we know what’s best for her and it’s not you.”

“If you don’t leave my property I will call the police!” my aunt said and slammed the door shut, leaving Sasha outside.

“No!” I screamed, trying to wriggle free from my mother’s grasp, “what have you done?! Let me go, I want to go to Sasha!”

“My baby, what has she done to you?” my mother sobbed and cradled my shaking body, “you’re safe with us…”

“Let me go!” I snarled.

“You will not leave this house, except for when we start out for the airport first thing in the morning,” my fathe got hold of the telephone, “I will call the airline and ask to change our departing date, and we will get a ticket for Cerice as well.”

“No dad, please!” I wailed, feeling powerless.

“It for you own good, my dear,” my aunt said and went to pick up the pieces of glass and fruit.

I was finally able to free myself from my mother’s arms and rushed upstairs to find a room where I could cuddle miserably. I heard Sasha’s car roar to life as I collapsed on the floor of the guest room. My parents were dead serious about taking me away. I didn’t want to leave.  I took out my cell phone and texted her, because I didn’t want her to hear my broken voice.

--They are taking me away tomorrow. I am so sorry for what you’ve gone through, please forgive me. I can do nothing about anything anymore, I am a failure, and I failed you. I am so sorry. I guess I don’t and can’t deserve you, but I love you. Bye.—

I turned off the cell phone, feeling powerless and weary of further fighting. If I knew I was going to meet so much suffering and happiness after leaving France, then I wouldn’t have left at all.

Who will pick up the pieces of my heart?

The End

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