"Sasha, meet my brother Horatio." Horatio was tall and dark, but he moved as elegantly as a dancer.

"Pleased to meet you," we said, grinning at each other. Rosa disappeared in to the crowd.

"So you want to dance?" He asked, gesturing to the outside door where the music was playing.

"Yeah sure. Just let me tell my girlfriend."

"You have a girlfriend?"


Oh thank god. I thought Rosa was trying to set me up again." I laughed and headed upstairs. As I emerged I saw Cerice chatting to a guy. For a second I smiled that she was comfortable, but then I realised he was being flirty, and she was flirting back. My heart dropped and I could feel jealousy spreading through my body. I turned and fled down the stairs where Horatio was stood.

"Um about the dance..." I was going to pull oout but then I realised I was being stupid. But it didn't stop me thinking about Cerice flirting. "Let's do it." I shouldn't be jealous, she was just talking. It didn't mean anything, I was imagining things. Never the less I was determined to make my dance really sexy so that her eyes would be glued to me. She'd be able to see me from where she was.

Horatio and I walked out to the dancefloor. The song that was on stopped and a slow one came on.

"Oh no, we want a really good one." Horatio said and walked over to the guy in charge of music. A faster, more fun tune came on and I laughed. He came back and led me on to the floor. We began to salsa, and I enjoyed dancing with a partner for once. Soon most of the dancers had stopped and were watching us. I snuck a glance at Cerice and noticed she was watching me while the guy at her side tried to retrieve her attention. Perfect.  Horatio supported me as I did a back bend, then I grinned and spun away before running in to a lift to finish. As he lowered me back to the ground I thanked him.

"We should dance together again sometime. You're really good."

"So are you. Come along to my class on a friday night. We could use someone like you so that the other ladies can see what the moves are supposed to look like."

"I'd love to." We went inside to grab a drink. I took two and made my way upstairs again. I went across to Cerice and the guy who was practically touching her now. "Cerice honey, I got you a drink."

"Thanks. This is Marcos. He's a friend of the guy you were dancing with."

"Marcos. I'm Sasha, Cerice's girlfriend."


"Yeah, girlfriend."

"Ah, right." He nodded at Cerice and walked away.

"What was all that about?" Cerice asked, her voice slightly annoyed.

"He was flirting with you."

"Yes, and?"

"Cerice, you were flirting back. You know when you got all jealous about Amber? Yeah, well think how you felt, and that's how I'm feeling. Apart from I'm in love with you, so it makes it harder to see."

"Did you just say you're in love with me?"

"Yeah, I did." I turned and walked downstairs. Rosalita grabbed me and pulled me aside.

"Are you ok? You look upset."

"Cerice was just flirting with a guy called Marcos."

"Oh, Horatio's friend? Oh no hon, he's a ladies man. Very good at flirting. Don't take it too hard, especially since she's new at all of this. She'll be confused."

"Yeah I know, but I still need some breathing space for ten minutes. Anywhere quiet in this place?"

"Try the balcony from our bedroom. That should be peaceful." I thanked her and headed up the other stairs to Rosa and Ollie's room. No one was there and I headed to the balcony, opening the sliding doors and stepping out.

I was overeacting and Rosa was right. But a breather would be good so that I could go back and apologise for overeacting. I leaned on the balcony and breathed in the fresh air. It was peaceful here, with the salsa music in the background. Beautiful.

After around five minutes I heard the door open and felt someone wrapping their arms around my waist and kissing my shoulder.

"Sorry." whsipered Cerice's voice and I turned in her arms to smile apologetically.

"No, I'm sorry for overreacting."

"You were right though. I found myself flirting with him for some unknown reason."

"It's ok. I understand that you're new to all of this. It must be difficult to think that you can't recieve the attention of that guy. I hear he's quite the ladies man."

"Marcos? Yeah I can see that actually." I grinned and kissed her.

"Just don't do it again ok? It kinda sucked."

The End

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