Party at the Beach HouseMature


The kiss I shared with Sasha was the most explosive and passionate I’d ever received and gave. My heart rushed with the cool splash of waves and the caressing of the dolphin’s smooth skin against my legs, but when she slipped her hands around my waist I felt a tingly sensation and wanted to pull away, in fear that she might undress me right there. We were now in the bow and I felt embarrassed and ashamed for ever having those morbid thoughts

The swift afternoon breeze was blowing on us as Ollie navigated to Rosalita’s beach house somewhere in the golden coast.  A beautiful, two-story beach house came into view; it was a wooden structure with several long windows and balconies to the side of the house. There was a deck in the second floor facing the sea, covering the barbeque space just beneath. The palm trees nearby were adorned with beautiful fairy lights and paper lanterns with images of flowers. There was an open space just beside the barbeque area that had a ceiling made of lights that sparkled under the glinting sun, several chairs and tables were assembled in that area and soft music came from inside the house.

There were several people gathered there already, all of them were engrossed in lively chatter and carefree dance. Ollie stationed the boat on the pier leading to the house. “Right girls, we’re here. Rosalita will be pleased to see you both.” He climbed out of the boat and eagerly walked the length of the pier. A young and tall woman was at the base of the pier to receive him with open arms. She had a long flowery skirt on and a loose shirt, her long, dark hair danced with the wind as her white arms embraced her fiancé. We approached the now kissing couple. Rosalita gave us a quick and shy smile and welcomed us to their home.

“Bienvenidas!” she greeted, embracing both of us in a quick hug and bestowing a kiss on our cheeks. “I am so glad you girls could make it,” she flashed us a white smile and beckoned us to follow her. Every word she spoke sounded so “sexy” in her Spanish accent and I couldn’t help but noticed her flamboyant spirits. She was speaking with Sasha, updating her about their wedding preparations and the work at the conservatory, and in turn Sasha told her about her work… and me.

“So, you’re the lucky lady,” Rosalita locked my arm with hers and walked me into her beach house, there was Spanish music playing at top volume, lively and danceable. “Sasha is an endearing creature, we’re so happy to see her with such great company as yourself!”

“Gracias,” I responded in Spanish with heavily broken French.

“So you do know Spanish?” she asked me surprised.

“I grew up in France and some of my neighbours were from Spanish descent,” I told her.

She laughed, “Well, look around and if you need anything don’t hesitate, chiquita!” she winked, “And most importantly have fun.” She left us and swayed over to the grill with Ollie. Sasha beamed and took my hand to lead me inside the house.

The ambiance inside the house was mellower, with several couples sitting on the couches, cuddling together and enjoying the soft tunes of saxophones and tropical beats. She led me upstairs into the deck, several people were sitting in a table playing with cards. “The view up here has always mesmerized me,” Sasha told me.

I started to feel a bit out of place amongst so many lively people, the guy were topless and the girls were clad in bikinis displaying and showing off their curvy bodies. “Hey Sasha, do you know all these people?”

“Nopes,” she said, “although I do recognize some of them from other parties I’ve attended. Rosalita is always throwing out parties, she is quite sociable.”

“I can tell,” I said, stroking the soft wood of the railing.

“Why? Do you feel uncomfortable around them?” she asked.

I shook my head in reluctance, by far, I seem like the youngest and most naïve girl. “No, I’m really enjoying it.”

“Good,” Sasha said and kissed me, “I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or something, we can always go home now…”

“Hey, Sasha, can you come down please? I want you to meet somebody!” Rosalita called from below.

“Coming!” Sasha said, “I’ll be right back, okay?”

I nodded and she swiftly ran out of the deck. I remained there and took a seat on the wood bench, staring out at the sea. The clouds were gathering in the horizon and the sun radiance was lowering in intensity. I felt a shadow above me and turned to smile at the newcomer, thinking it was Sasha. But I was wrong; it was a tall man with toned arms and a clearly-defined six pack. His skin was pale but his eyes and hair were dark and mysterious. He returned my smile and sat beside me.

“Hola, me llamo Marcos,” he extended his hand.

“Uhm, hi,” I said awkwardly.

“Not a Spanish belle?” he asked innocently as we shook hands. “My name is Marcos; I’ve never seen you around.”

“I’m Cerice,” I responded, “and this is the first time I come here…”

“I see, I do hope you’re having fun, whom did you come with?”

“Sasha and Ollie,” I said, I was under the impression that maybe he might be acquainted with Sasha.

“I know Ollie,” he said, “but not Sasha. Is she your friend? Is she as hot as you?”

I blushed, “yeah…she is my friend,” I stammered, “erm, yes she is.”

“I love when pretty girls blush,” he said, leaning close to me, “it’s such a becoming color to you.”

I smiled, so this was what flirting with a guy was! He wasn’t trying to have a way with me as Sam had tried to, and he didn’t appear to be an idiot. A bubbly sensation crept in my chest and for a moment I forgot about Sasha and the sunset as Marcos engaged me in conversation.

The End

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