Swimming with dolphinsMature

I watched Cerice as I shed my clothes and unveiled my bikini. She was blushing as she stared at my body and then she turned sharply away to cover her red cheeks.  “Cerice, don’t be shy around me,” I laughed, “come on, let’s go, the water must be very fresh. Oh, there’s Kiki and calf!” I heard the whistling of my favourite dolphin and saw her speeding through the water with a small form at her side. Cerice undressed behind me and stepped forward in a gorgeous little number that made it hard for me to concentrate on the dolphins. I forced my eyes back to the water.

“Come here Kiki,”I called, and Kiki shot some water at me. I laughed and began introducing her to my girlfriend. “Kiki, it’s an honour for me to introduce you to my new girlfriend. Her name is Cerice and words can’t express the happiness she has brought to my life.” Cerice blushed and stretched her hand out.

 “It’s a pleasure to meet you Kiki,” she said but her face dropped when Kiki swam away.

“Don’t worry about it,” I consoled her, “once she gets to know you, she’ll adore you. She is the most playful thing in the world; she is just shy when meeting new people.”

“Yeah well, I’ve never been known as miss congeniality,” she joked. I smiled.

“Aww, well, I still love you if that makes you feel better." She smiled and kissed me. Cool water sprayed us and Cerice jumped. Kiki was furiously whistling and spurting water at her. “Come on, she is excited and wants us to join her!”

“I’d say she wants to drown me,” She said, eyeing the dolphin suspiciously.

“Nonsense!” I cried and pushed her off-board. She yelled and then was submerged in a splash. I laughed and slid myself off the edge of the boat and in to the water to join her. I swam over and grinned at her wet face.

 “Enjoying so far?”

“Can’t wait for it to get better,” she said. I kissed her gently on the lips and then splashed her face before diving under the water and swimming over to Kiki. She greeted me with a couple of clicks then brought round her baby for me to see. He was skittish and hugged his mothers side, but soon swam cautiously over and danced between my legs. I giggled and felt Kiki butt me slightly. She rose to the surface and I followed, breaking out of the water and taking a deep breath. Kiki swam over and I put my hand on her cool skin, feeling the smoothness and tracing the small scar on her back. I turned and waved Cerice over. She swam to me and stopped, looking warily at Kiki. Kiki made a cackling sound and splashed her then swam a little way before looking back and grinning. I turned to Cerice.

"Splash her back. It's a game." She smiled cautiously nad sent a little wave to Kiki. The dolphin retaliated and Cerice returned the splash, laughing as she did so. I smiled and dipped my head under the water. I swam slowly till I was behind Cerice under the water. Then I reached out, grasped her legs and yanked her under. She spun round once under the water, her cheeks puffed up through lack of air and her eyes indignant. I leaned forward and kissed her, before allowing both of us to rise to the surface for air. As I surfaced and blinked the water out of my eyes, I saw Cerice grinning at me. Her eyes hit mine and I felt a sudden ache in my chest; a warm feeling that spread to my toes and a smile tugging at my lips. That was it. The feeling I hadn't had for so long. My heart was actually tugging wildly at my chest, beating out a frantic rhythm. I was in love with her.

She leaned in for a kiss and my lips exploded in to a hot blistering mess. I gasped for air while trying to kiss her faster, bring her closer. It was the most passionate kiss we'd shared yet. As we broke apart I put my hand to my lips and felt the tingling feeling whizzing along my mouth. She looked at me and I think she had felt it too.

"Cerice." I whispered and then stopped. If I told her I thought I was in love with her it might frighten her off. Instead I touched her face gently and then pushed back a strand of wet her that hung on her cheek. I never knew where I was with Cerice. She was so new to everything, I didn't want to scare her off. But the depth of the feelings I was having for her made me want to hurry her up. But I knew I had to be patient. I smiled at her and swam back to the boat, hauling myself up on to the deck. Ollie would want to visit the other marine boat to compare measurement and photos before heading back this evening, and the dolphins would be hunting soon so we wouldn't be able to play. Cerice pulled herself up beside me and leaned in to me.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"For what?"

"Everything." I blushed and slid my arms around her waist, watching the dolphins as our feet swirled in the water. Ollie came up behind us.

"Right ladies, if you don't mind I need to go and meet the Ventura for a comparison. Sasha, Cerice, would you wanna come to the barbaque me and Rosalita are having tonight?" I glanced at Cerice and she nodded.

"We'd love to Ollie. I'd love to see Rosalita again." Ollie grinned and went back to the phone and began to talk again. Rosalita was obviously on the other end.

"Who's Rosalita?" Cerice asked.

"Rosalita is Ollie's fiance. She's a beautiful spanish girl who keeps him in check and loves the sea as much as he does. She is in charge of the preservation of the sea turtles conservation group."

"Oh. She's sounds cool."

"Very. She's lovely, really. And she does a fabulous party." Cerice smiled and leaned on me once again, looking out over the sea. Then we had to move and sit on the bow because Ollie wanted to move the boat.

The End

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