Happiness at SeaMature


We climbed into the boat and I was immediately drawn to the bow, once I reached it I leaned on the forward pulpit and felt the cool, salty breeze in my face. This was amazing so far and the trip hadn’t even started. Ollie seemed kind enough and he even let me name Kiki’s baby.

“So, you keep track of the dolphins born in the Australian coast?” I asked, stepping down from the bow and walking to where they both stood, behind the boat’s steering wheel.

“That’s my job,” he grinned and started the engine, revving the boat out of the pier and into the ocean. “The non-profit I work for operates in accordance with the wildlife preservation organization and the Australian government; we work together in an effort to preserve habitats that are in danger of contamination or heedless animal hunters and restore those that are damaged.”

“That sounds awesome!” I said, thrilled by his job.

“Who said treasures can only be found in the ocean?” Ollie joked, “I can totally see what Sasha means when she refers to your eyes as bright jades.”

I blushed and turn to look at Sasha, thanking her silently. Her fingers entwined with mine and pulled me inside the glass chamber. The vessel had sections of glass that gave a view to the passenger of the sea life below the waterline. There was a little seat in the middle of the chamber, wide enough to accommodate two people, the bottom had a circular glass and the sides were covered with glass held in place by metal frames. The entire structure twinkled with different shades of blue as the boat was in motion into deeper waters. To the far left I saw the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef system composed of over a thousand different organisms and stretching 2900 kilometres, definitely a remarkable natural gift.

The sun penetrated the ocean’s waters as the boat halted in a spot, the anchor was dropped, and still silence surround us, only the quiet steps of Ollie could be heard from above. It was hard to breathe after experiencing and witnessing such beauty. Sasha leaned on me and kissed me on the cheek, bringing me back from my dreamy state of mind.

“It’s beautiful,” I whispered, taking in the colourful surrounding around me. Colonies of fishes were swimming nearby our boat and planktons floated in the water, adorning the sea like green stars.

“The best is yet to come,” Sasha nudged me and pointed to the right. From afar I could see several beings swimming in a merry haste toward us. I stood up and gently walked on the glass, pressing my palms on the side glass and watching with excitement as the dolphins approached.

They were beautiful sea mammals, with smooth and shiny skin and bright eyes. They got nearer and nearer when finally they were actually swimming around the glass-bottomed boat! I grinned and I heard the sound of a snapshot, Sasha was taking photos with her camera.  

“They look especially playful today!” Ollie called from above, “I guess you girls can swim with them and then we’ll have our picnic.”

“Let’s go,” Sasha took my hand and lead me out of the chamber, quickly she started taking off her garments, revealing her toned figure clad in a bikini that suit her very well. I blushed when I saw her body under the sun and quickly turned away. “Cerice, don’t be shy around me,” she laughed, “come on, let’s go, the water must be very fresh. Oh, there’s Kiki and calf!” It was indeed Kiki, Sasha could recognize her whistle.

I undressed, with my back turned to Sasha and then joined her by the stairs leading toward the cool water. She smiled at me and told me everything was alright.

“Come here Kiki,” Sasha called and a graceful, grey dolphin answered her call with a spurt of water from her blowhole. She laughed despite being soaked in water and stroked the dolphin’s head. “Kiki, it’d be an honour for me to introduce you to my new girlfriend. Her name is Cerice and words can’t express the happiness she has brought to my life.”

I blushed in a deeper shade of red, apparently Sasha didn’t realized I was just beside her, or she was doing it on purpose. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Kiki,” I said, reaching to stroke her head, but she swam away. I felt disappointed.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, “once she gets to know you, she’ll adore you. She is the most playful thing in the world; she is just shy when meeting new people.”

“Yeah well, I’ve never been known as miss congeniality,” I joked.

“Aww, well, I still love you if that makes you feel better,” she said. I smiled and kissed her. Cool water fell on my skin and startled me. Kiki was furiously whistling and spurting water at me. “Come on, she is excited and wants us to join her!”

“I’d say she wants to drown me,” I said, eying the dolphin suspiciously.

“Nonsense!” Sasha exclaimed and pushed me off-board. She literally pushed me off-board!, was all I could think of as I fell on the water with a chilly splash. The sensation of floating in the water was revitalizing. Sasha jumped into the water and soon swam to my side. “Enjoying so far?”

“Can’t wait for it to get better,” I said.

The End

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