Saturday Sea TripMature

The first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes on saturday morning was Cerice. Today was the day I had spent all day yearning for; the day when we would set sail on the glass bottomed boat and I could show her everything in the underwater world. It truly was a beauty to behold, and I knew that Cerice would appreciate the scenery and love it as I did. I stretched, then rolled out fo bed and went to shower. As I rubbed away the ache of sleep, I wondered whether many dolphins would be out today.

Back in my room I decided that my hair could go free today, although I put a hair band in my shorts pocket in case. My bikini was on underneath my denim shorts and white gypsy top, and I slipped my feet in to sandles. I texted Cerice next while I prepared my breakfast.

--Hon, I'll see you at the cafe at 9. Remember to bring wear your swimming costume under your clothes in case the dolphins are out. I love you xxx--

I munched on my toast as I danced around the living room, switching the tv on and scrolling through the channels. Nothing caught my attention, so I turned it off. I glanced at my clock. Twenty minutes until I was supposed to meet Cerice. I decided to go now.

The cafe was quiet, occupied only by a few joggers. I jumped up to the bar and grabbed a bottle from the fridge. Sam grinned at me.

"You look happy."

"I am. Cerice and I are going on the boat."

"Ah, I thought it must be something to do with her."

"Why? Because she's the first person to make you really happy since Amber."

"Ugh, Amber."

"Did you know she's back in town?"

"Yeah. She freaked Cerice a little."

"God will that woman ever get a life?"

"I doubt it."

"Well I'd better leave you to it."


"Because your date's here." I turned and saw Cerice walking towards me, a grin on her face. She was wearing white shorts and a black top, with converse on her feet. I waited until she reached me before pulling her in to my arms and kissing her.

"Every time I see you I want to hold you and never let you go." I whispered, breathing in her scent. She blushed and bit her lip. "Come on, let's go!" I said before she could say anything. I pulled her outside and down the dock to the white sea life boat that was docked at the end. I saw Ollie stood on the deck and waved at him. He waved back. Ollie is a Jamaican Marine Biologist who braids his hair with brightly coloured beads and wears baggy shorts and tank tops all the time. I met him in university and he's been one of my best friends ever since. Him, Sam and I were the trio, always at the beach, and we enjoyed our time surfing, exploring and taking photos.

"Hello Sasha!!! An' this must be Cerice." They shook hands. "Welcome to my boat Cerice, you wanna step on board?" She nodded and grinned at me. We climbed on.

"Ollie, do you reckon we'll be able to swim with the dolphins today?" I asked, eyeing the picnic basket he had in the centre.

"Yeah girl, my friend out this morning said the dolphins are out in full force, and Kiki has given birth." I grinned and clapped my hands, then saw Cerice's puzzled face.

"Kiki is my favourite dolphin; I named her. She's been pregnant a little longer than usual and I was worried that something was wrong. I can't wait to see the baby!"

"Yeah she gonna be so cute." Ollie said. "Who knows, I might even let Cerice name the baby. How that sound to you girl?" Cerice grinned and thanked him, and I watched her eyes sparkle. I took her hand and squeezed it. It looks like a fabulous day is ahead.

The End

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