Hearing Sasha's past made me feel even guiltier that I previously was. I was a monster for forcing her into telling me about memories that pained her, but I felt happy she had told me and I had the courage to listen. Sasha's heart had been broken in the past and I wanted to make sure it didn't happen again. 

"She told me your lips were the best she had ever kissed," I smiled wryly, hoping this little joke would make her smile and forget all the problems my jealousy had brought along.

She did smiled and stepped closer, entwining her fingers with mine. "Do you think she was lying to you?" Her eyes shone like stars in the ocean and I was lost in them.

"Perhaps," I said, stooping just a bit to press my lips against hers. "I am sorry for losing my good sense and act as if it was the end of the world. I guess Oscar was right, girls make a fuss about everything."

She laughed once again and pulled me toward the car. We got in and watched as the sun was making the sky blush with several warm colours. "I am glad we could sort this out," she said after a prolonged silence.

"Yeah," I said, "now I can truly look forward to our trip to the sea. Please, tell me we'll still do that trip!" I half pleaded.

"Of course we are!" she said, "I would be a terrible girlfriend and host if I didn't brag about Australian beauty!"

I laughed, "I am glad you say that, if I were to take you to France, all you'll ever get to see are stone and crystal monuments on the face of that country." I felt comfortable with her once again, as if nothing had really happened.

"Fancy doing something with me tonight?" she asked.

I hesitated, "I'm sorry but I have to turn down the invitation as much as I hate to do that," I drummed my fingers on my knees, "I have a study group tonight, we'll be discussing the chapters for our test the next week..."

"Oh," was all that Sasha said, "it's okay Cerice, we still have our trip to the sea tomorrow right?"

I nodded fervently, "I'll never miss it!"

"Good, because I wouldn't like you to," she said and started the engine. The path back to the university was already known to me, Sasha always drove me back. "Do you want me to park on the other side of campus, as usual?"

"No," I said confidently, "drop me off in front of the Hall."

"Are you sure Cerice?" Sasha asked.

I nodded, "I am sure," I replied. If I wanted to make our relationship work then I had to be bold and face the fact that I was a lesbian, people would noticed and the talk will soon start, but it was better to face it as early as possible than wait until it was way too late. I kissed her a last time before leaving the warmth of her car and jogged to my room to get my books ready for the study session with my physics group at the library of the Hall.

After gathering my stuff, I went directly to the library and found Oscar there.

"I see I'm the first," I said, glancing at the clock. It was already twenty minutes pass the meeting time. "Or the only one..."

Oscar sighed, "the only one," there was some disappointment in his voice, "nobody cares about physics nowadays or what?" He opened his book, "well, I guess everybody is busy with their social life and prefer to be out in the streets partying than trapped with a nerd in the library..."

"I'll prefer the latter," I smiled and took a seat next to him. "Don't be too harsh on yourself Oscar, they will learn to regret their decision of not coming."

"Yeah, so did you get a ride?"

"Yes I did," I beamed at him.

"Told you," he nudged me. I smiled and nudged him back. I couldn't concentrate on my book as much as I'd want to, I was busy thinking of what'll happen tomorrow.

The End

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