The windMature

--"Dinner was fine. Yes. I met Amber tonight, she seems nice enough. I think we ought to talk tomorrow...before we go on that trip to the sea... I am confused."--

Oh no. I could tell by her tone that something Amber had said was upsetting her. I texted back anxiously.

--"Yes I think we ought to talk. How about I pick you up after classes and we go to the clifftop I took you to when we first met?"--

I began to clean my teeth and get ready for school. I was just leaving when I recieved another text.

--"I'll meet you there. Thank you."--

I knew why she didn't want me to take her. She wanted to talk in a nice environment, without awkward silence in the car, or the possibility of her not wanting to drive back with me. My heart sank. But maybe I was imagining the worst. Maybe she was just a little shaken.

The rest of the day passed impatiently. I wanted school to be over, and didn't enjoy class as much as usual. When the bell rang I barely contained myself and practically ran to the car. I drove to the cliff, hoping that Cerice would come soon. There was a wind picking up. I sat for half an hour in the car, but soon I became bored of the radio, and opened the car door. I stepped in to the wind.

Cerice would be here soon. The wind was strong, and I felt my hair being shoved roughly out of the band it was in. I watched the material flying away. I wasn't going to chase it, the wind had already carried it far over the cliff. I hugged my arms to my chest and embraced the wind as it tugged at my clothing and hair, trying to pull me along with it. I let out a laugh; the feeling of the wind was incredible, and I knew that if I wanted I could just let go and fly away. Not far mind you. I'd fall off the cliff and plummet to my death if I did. But it was this thought that made it so exhilarating to be central to the battle of nature.

The End

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