A visit from the pastMature

I stretched out on the bed looking through the photos from the other day. A couple of the sky, the sea, the view. My favourite was the picture of Cerice I had taken as she looked out to the sea. Her hair was whisping round her face, and she had a dreamy expression in her eyes. I smiled and reached for my phone.

        Hey gorgeous. The photos came out good. You look incredible. Hope the meal  is  going fine. Love you xxx

I rolled over on my bed and grinned. This is the feeling that I love most about being in love; that weightless feeling that originates from your heart and stomach and makes you feel like you could begin to float away.                                        

I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to someone knocking on the door. I checked my phone. It was 10:30, and Cerice still hadn't texted me back.

I rolled off the bed and went to my door. I opened it and looked in to the honey coloured eyes of a face from the past.

"Hello Sasha."

"Amber? What- what are you doing here? I though you went to America with... Sally."

"Oh Sally, she got boring really quickly. All that talk about horses. It drove me nuts." Typical Amber. Can't cope when things aren't about her.

"Oh. So what are you doing back here?"

"I came to see you of course! You going to let me in?"

"I don't really... Oh fine, but not for long. I'm tired."

"Great." She walked through and I closed the door behind her. This was ridiculous. How can the girl who broke my heart be here just as I'm getting it fixed? Amber sat down on the sofa.

"So, what have you been up to?" I asked, knowing it was what she wanted to hear.

"Oh well, lots of shopping of course, I loved America but I kind of missed Australia, so I came back here and decided to visit."

"Well, thanks."

"So what have you been up to?"

"Teaching, photography. I have a new art class in the hall." I wasn't going to tell her about Cerice. She'd do everything she could to mess it up, just to spite me. That's the sort of thing she'd do, just because I moved on.

"Seeing anyone?" Oh damn.

"Is that really any of your business? I mean, you left me. What are you doing back here Amber?"

"Woah Sasha!" She put her hand over mine which was on my lap. "Calm down. I know about your girlfriend and I'm happy that you found someone."

"You... you are? But... wait, how do you know?"

"I was at the restraunt tonight. I saw you two in the car."


"She's pretty."

"Yeah, she's beautiful."

"She's new to it isn't she? She looked pretty freaked when I talked to her."

"You talked to her? Oh my god, you didn't speak to her in front of her parents did you?" I shoved her hand off mine.

"No why... Oh my god, she hasn't come out. And her parent... they don't approve do they? Oh you've got yourself in a fix Sasha. What does she do? Shag you and then go back to being 'normal'?"

"Get out Amber. Why do you always have to make everything so difficult?"

"Oh Sasha, don't be angry. I'm sorry." She hugged me. I struggled but she held me tight. "Sasha, I miss being with you."

"Amber, let me go." She released me slightly but held on to my arms.

"Sasha, please. Can we try again? I want you back. I was wrong."

"No Amber. I'm with Cerice now. Me and her, we have a lot in common. She makes me feel warm and I think I might be in love with her. You need to find someone else to screw with."

"I don't want anyone else."

"Well I'm sorry hon, but that's too bad." It was starting to hurt be with her. "Just go now will you?" She leaned forward to try and kiss me, but I pushed her away and stood up. "Out!!" She pulled a face and stormed out. I let out a hugh sigh and collapsed on the sofa.

That was harder than I expected. I checked my phone again. Cerice still hadn't texted me. My heart sank a little. Why wasn't she texting me? Did Amber say something to her to upset her? I tried ringing her but her phone was off.

God I hope she's ok.

The End

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